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(of a plant ovule) completely inverted



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75 mm, anatropous, with a tuberculed, hexagonal-celled exotesta.
This analogy is not so fanciful as it seems, if the suggestion of Endress (2011) that anatropous ovules are ancestral in angiosperms.
The ovary contains a single, basal, anatropous ovule (Goetghebeur, 1998).
Ovule: (0) orthotropous, bitegmic; (1) anatropous or hemianatropous, bitegmic; (2) anatropous, unitegmic (Davis, 1966; Palkovic, 1974; Orchard, 1975; Corner, 1976; Cronquist, 1981; Dahlgren & Thorne, 1984; Webb & Gornall, 1989; Kubitzki, 1993b).
Ovary (2-)4-5(-14) carpellate, superior to inferior, with usually axile to intruded parietal placentation, rarely apical or basal; ovules 1 to many per carpel, anatropous to nearly campylotropous, unitegmic, tenuinucellate, the embryo sac usually of the Polygonum type; style short to long, hollow, sometimes expanded apically; stigma truncate to capitate or slightly to strongly lobed, sometimes cup shaped, funnel shaped, or flabellate to pinnatifid.
Such varying differentiation of different parts of the ovule accounts for the occasional confusion of anatropous and campylotropous ovules.
Ovules 1 to many in each locule, anatropous to hemitropous, or amphitropous; unitegmic, simple, tenuinucellar or pseudocrassinucellar (in Asclepiadaceae), usually without an integumentary tapeturn; endosperm development usually nuclear, rarely cellular.
Davis (1966) considered that ovules in the Myoporaceae are anatropous, i.