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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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Bill Murray's Groundhog Day (1993) is a comic fantasy that anatomizes time.
Alicia Ostriker's poem-for-performance, "Jephthah's Daughter," anatomizes the profoundly disturbing narrative of misplaced sacrifice in Judges 11.
Rarely does Rich allow herself such a catalogue; more often she anatomizes the near-impossibility of connection.
His more controversial third part anatomizes "the psychic interior of the Hawthornes' domestic sphere" and what he sees as the relationship of their "inward union" to the "marital politics" and the specters of sexual pollution conjoined with domestic intimacy in The Scarlet Letter.
In chapter five, it anatomizes operations and competition strategies of Chinas leading enterprises in electrical machinery industry to reveal the main sources of industrial competitive advantages, providing a reference for enterprises to make their own competition strategies.
Toni, meanwhile, anatomizes the new Croatia, shaped by "the shock troops of happiness," whose youth embrace slow food, Nick Cave, and cocaine.
Karen Britland's analysis of Henrietta Maria's shaping of the iconography of her courts, both in England and in exile in France, illuminates the complexities of court drama and anatomizes the queen consort's negotiations of continental politics.
It is too early to say whether such evidences of life are too late--whether, that is to say, the processes Mark Steyn anatomizes in America Alone have rendered any such objections moot.
If one thing matters, everything matters, the more than 2,400-image book that functions as and generously exceeds the role of--an exhibition catalogue for Wolfgang Tillmans's 301-photograph, two-video, seven-room monographic monster at Tate Britain, includes a hand-drawn, crisscrossing flowchart that anatomizes and interlinks the several dozen subject matters he has been pursuing since the late 1980s.
Sydney Schanberg anatomizes the urge -- and recalls his own initiation.
Wright anatomizes all Dixon's premises when Bigger crosses the color line and enters the Daltons' white house.
Chapter 2 anatomizes The Borderers as a "muttered self-inquest" (19) on the young radical who was still in the process of acknowledging that his idealistically adopted Godwinian stance of a rationally detached determinism was "a hideous plot, against the soul of man," a plot whose secret sharer and collaborator was something "about Wordsworth himself which his sympathy with the revolutionary mood in France had brought into the open" (88).
This thought is embedded in countless myths and stories, many of which Roger anatomizes in the course of his book.