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Synonyms for anatomize

Synonyms for anatomize

to separate into parts for study

Synonyms for anatomize

dissect in order to analyze


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analyze down to the smallest detail

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To anatomize After the Prom as a pattern of vectors and angles, as Hickey does, is to reinstate a genre of pictorial analysis that doesn't figure in art writing much anymore yet is surely a part of the basic vocabulary of painting.
Klein uses a related dyad -- the opposition between map and itinerary -- to discern the geographical imaginations of Spenser and Drayton and to anatomize the workings of English chorographic description of Ireland.
To expose those behind-the-scene players or the real puppet-master, seeking to sow the seeds of final war in South Asia, there is a need to honestly anatomize the basic ideological vision of Al- Qaeda.
But in Europe in Sepia, its title appropriately evoking a set of antique photographs, her "underground" humor turns darker still as she anatomizes the death of European and global "culture.
In scathing passages, he anatomizes Lebanese society's rampant consumerism.
Brown anatomizes in his foundational study "Negro Characters as Seen by White Writers" (1938).
In Overconnected, Davidow meticulously -- and counter-intuitively -- anatomizes how overconnectivity can create systems with excessive amounts of positive feedback, making those systems extremely volatile, accident prone and subject to contagion.
I would argue, by contrast, that Renaissance theatrical representation itself is fully implicated in this network and that Shakespeare's self-consciousness is in significant ways bound up with the institutions and the symbology of power it anatomizes.
The first chapter, which anatomizes the abuse and irresponsible use of history with the intention of providing a way forward in their identification and for understanding their seriousness, is the only part of Responsible History which tends towards the inquisitorial.
Hillis Miller incisively anatomizes this "thing" as a "formless ground .
Elaborating psychological analysis in the context of early modern market forces, Shullenberger anatomizes Comus' ploy as multidimensional entrapment.
Susan Telfer, in eight short lines, anatomizes an impasse, turning and pointing us down all the blocked routes.
It covers male hormones and anatomizes sections of the brain, and describes how each affects the man.
Lively's own life (she was born in 1933), and in her matchlessly spare prose she anatomizes the epochal changes that have transformed the English landscape and culture in those 70-odd years.
Scruton anatomizes that stupidity, noting "the educated derision that has been directed at our national loyalty by those whose freedom to criticize would have been extinguished years ago, had the English not been prepared to die for their country.