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Synonyms for anatomical

an expression that relates to anatomy

of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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The new divergent lineage, which was found in an individual who submitted his DNA to Family Tree DNA, a company specializing in DNA analysis to trace family roots, branched from the Y chromosome tree before the first appearance of anatomically modern humans in the fossil record.
The result gave the scientists confidence to infer that contemporary African populations contain a small proportion of genetic material-about 2 percent-that moved from a species of archaic humans into the gene pool of anatomically modern humans about 35 thousand years ago.
Straightforward barns; schematic scapes; the heavy curl of a frozen wave; a gray, anatomically correct sex scene utterly devoid of erotic charge: In uncomfortably arid strokes, James lays down just enough paint to articulate the basics of his composition, denying the viewer any visual satisfaction in favor of a purely intellectual thesis.
The Iron Men on Crosby shore We've never seen their likes before Anatomically correct in every detail Sights to make a maiden aunt quail
Anatomically correct illustrations by Carol Thompson and Dori Butler's straightforward narration offer simple descriptions of how reproductive organs work, what it is like for a woman to be pregnant, and the steps of childbirth, all culminating in the arrival of a new baby brother at home.
At one time it was thought, for example, that black dancers were anatomically unable to perform classical ballet with the same facility as white dancers.
This poem is part of a larger work by Mara Leigh Simmons entitled Anatomically.
Adams USA) The newly designed Pro-Elite is a polycarbonate helmet with an anatomically correct shape which maximizes comfort.
Anatomically shaped comfort allows the resident to comfortably perform normal day-to-day tasks.
Wilmot is an award winning comic who rejoices in being both politically and anatomically incorrect.
Not only does this procedure correct the deformity (figure 2), it moves the upper lateral cartilages into a more anatomically desirable position by fixating the grail laterally and anteriorly.
To develop a "muscular corset" around the midsection that will hold the spine in its anatomically correct, safe position, it's also necessary to strengthen the abdominals in all their actions.
Any deviation from this anatomically neutral position results in some flexion or pulling with the tendons and muscles.
D'Aubigne's La Creation, the most anatomically exhaustive of the three, is also the most preoccupied with the body as a vessel for the soul, which cannot be "reduyz au dedans d'une espace.
The Newark, California, transgender teen was allegedly beaten to death at a party by three men after they discovered Araujo was anatomically male.