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Synonyms for anatomical

an expression that relates to anatomy

of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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He intended to begin in his own case some particular reforms which were quite certainly within his reach, and much less of a problem than the demonstrating of an anatomical conception.
This great seer did not go beyond the consideration of the tissues as ultimate facts in the living organism, marking the limit of anatomical analysis; but it was open to another mind to say, have not these structures some common basis from which they have all started, as your sarsnet, gauze, net, satin, and velvet from the raw cocoon?
And mind," he continued, "don't bother me with any details of the anatomical process, or any notice of the condition of the entrails: let your operation be conducted in silence: tiens-toi tranquille, enfant; comprends-tu?
For example, Bragellos avers their anatomical identity
Why, I suppose they can't do much to me, if I explain how it was that I got into the good company of that there ca-daverous old Slider,' replied Squeers viciously, 'who I wish was dead and buried, and resurrected and dissected, and hung upon wires in a anatomical museum, before ever I'd had anything to do with her.
Being the most polite of men, he seized the opportunity of assisting the Professor's anatomical amusements on the spot.
I don't want to have any words with you, and still less do I want to have any anatomical pursuits with you.
Of the 20 anatomical structures shown to them by researchers, only the brain was correctly identified by all those who took part.
Electronic auction: 134-ea / 18 / u delivery of the hardware and software complex for the visualization of anatomical data for the needs of the federal state budget education institution of higher education "kuban state medical university" of the ministry of health of the russian federation "
Currently, the interventional pulmonary valve products in the global market can only treat patients with special anatomical structure and light illness.
The presented data clearly depict altered anatomical features depending upon presences of toxicants in the rhizosphere.
A WOMAN RECEIVING PRENATAL CARE at a medical center requested an ultrasonographic anatomical fetal scan.
Knoeff, Rina, and Robert Zwijnenberg, eds, The Fate of Anatomical Collections (History of Medicine in Context), Farnham, Ashgate, 2015; hardback; pp.
The problem is that studies based on traditional, anatomical characters and those based on molecular data from DNA sequences strongly have disagreed, especially on how the iguanas and their relatives (called iguanians) are related to snakes and other groups of lizards.
Acupuncture: An Anatomical Approach, second edition