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of or relating to the structure of the body


of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms


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Once the patient is positioned, the operator should use the distances from the nipple as measured on the diagnostic MRI, as well as anatomic landmarks (such as a prior lumpectomy or biopsy scar on the skin) to estimate whether the lesion will be within the positioning device prior to image acquisition.
We present a case of successful suprascapular nerve block by using the specular symmetry technique in a patient whose anatomic landmarks were not palpable due to a shoulder tumor.
The position of a particular nerve varies from person-to-person, as do the anatomic landmarks that are the critical determinants in placing peripheral nerve blocks and surgical incisions.
An interactive, web-based tool for learning anatomic landmarks.
It provides significantly better exposure and clear visualization of underlying anatomic landmarks to facilitate the accurate placement of purse-string sutures, which is the key component of the operation.
Normal anatomic landmarks could not be identified on otoscopy because the canal was filled with two spherical lesions that were separate from but in contact with each other (figure 1).
ViTAL EP, which is pending FDA clearance, automatically identifies anatomic landmarks, segments and probes the left atrium and the pulmonary veins to the first bifurcation.
Describe useful anatomic landmarks for diagnosing disease and disease spread in the retroperitoneum and pelvis
Successful identification of the transected nerve can be accomplished even in the midst of scar tissue by using reliable anatomic landmarks and retrograde and anterograde nerve dissection to identify proximal and distal nerve ends.
An amorphous silicon flat-panel X-ray image detector yields digital images showing internal anatomic landmarks with a high degree of precision, treatment can then be delivered from virtually any angle.
By drifting free of anatomic landmarks and grinding away with a nonbladed obturator trocar on a blood vessel or loop of bowel, a surgeon will eventually make a hole.
Tissue damage and scars left behind by the previous procedure made the surgery more complex as we had to work with fewer familiar anatomic landmarks," noted Chester Griffiths, M.
We conducted a study to establish standardized measurements of the common anatomic landmarks used during surgery via the middle cranial fossa approach.
Since implant planning with VectorVision CT-free knee is based on intra- operatively acquired anatomic landmarks, the system does not require expensive and time-consuming CT-data acquisition.