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Synonyms for anastrophe

the reversal of the normal order of words


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As the recurring theme serves to unify her ambitious book, Ferrell's use of such devices as repetition, anastrophe and anaphora to compliment her subject matter proves to be one of the great strengths of the collection.
Except that, as the progeny of symbolism, repetition, rhythm, intersection, interstice, and absence, they don't take shape in heroic time, but the time of transmutation and anastrophe, altogether woven into one vast, Ovidian tapestry.
10) His rhetoric is, in fact, rich with transpositional devices, such as anastrophe and hyperbaton, repetition, antithesis, and accumulation, as scholars Raffaele Sirri and Cesare Vasoli have shown in detail.
Indeed anastrophe occurs regularly not only in Saba's Canzoniere, but in all Italian formal (and often even in free) verse, simply because the language can sustain it, especially in the most extreme forms, in a way that English, not even in its most florid, archaic expression, cannot.
Terms such as hyperbaton, anastrophe, and inversion are defined, explained, and illustrated solely on the basis of word order, not word proximity.