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Synonyms for anarchic

Synonyms for anarchic

without law or control

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According to neo-realist the arrangement and structure of the international system is anarchic in nature.
Among the different oriented approaches, the following can be distinguished as efficient learning processes: collaborative, competitive, anarchic, independent and mixed.
A publication that inspires children to get to know the anarchic Pippi, one of the greatest characters in all children's literature, is an essential addition to any library.
The bill aims essentially to put an end to the anarchic exploitation of the state land which has continued since the Revolution despite the efforts exerted to by all the stakeholders in the sector, asserted Secretary of State of the Government and Official Spokesman of the cabinet meeting Ahmed Zarrouk.
CHOICE Noel Fielding Never Mind the Buzzcocks BBC2, 10pm It's hard to believe the anarchic pop music comedy quiz show has been around for almost 20 years.
Shazia's unhappiness with the party is justified because the top leadership of the party is very dictatorial and anarchic, and is forcing its decisions on the party members.
Thomas Gibson and Kenneth Sillander (eds), Anarchic Solidarity: Autonomy, Equality and Fellowship in Southeast Asia
Four dayglo, anarchic children's television characters who, in the dark days of life before multi-channel satellite television, offered an hour of mayhem.
THE life of anarchic Merseyside funnyman and DJ Kenny Everett will be celebrated in a new BBC drama.
30pm) The anarchic, awardwinning pop quiz continues.
The actor and documentary-maker was hugely influenced by Floyd's anarchic presentational style, and has tracked down his hero in rural France.
IN THE Theatre of Silliness, you won't find anything much sillier than Spyski, an anarchic comedy from an anarchic theatre company Peepollykus (pronounced people-like-us).
The literary feast, with a record 800 authors participating from August 9-25, runs alongside the international arts festival, the anarchic fringe and a series of exhibitions in the biggest annual celebration of its kind in the world.
These differences were expected to be exhibited in participants' scores on the Executive, Legislative, Hierarchic, Anarchic, and Internal scales of the Intellectual Styles Questionnaire (ISQ; Sternberg & Wagner, 1991) when collected from full-time professional fine artists and engineers.
It's 1985 and Britain is in the thick of Thatcher, but politics don't play much of a part in Brian's life, outside of a friendship with the school's resident revolutionary, willowy brunette Rebecca (Rebecca Epstein), who is this movie's answer to Maggie Gyllenhaal's anarchic cookie baker in "Stranger Than Fiction.