anaphylactic shock

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a severe and rapid and sometimes fatal hypersensitivity reaction to a substance (especially a vaccine or penicillin or shellfish or insect venom) to which the organism has become sensitized by previous exposure

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The document said staff levels were "suboptimal" because of sickness, detailing "that an experienced animal technician had recently experienced an unexpected anaphylactic shock following an animal bite".
Verdict: Accidental death caused by anaphylactic shock.
Statistics show 274 patients were diagnosed with anaphylactic shock between March 2013 and February this year.
With anaphylactic shock, we see a lot of reaction to insect bites and food, including peanuts and egg.
A preliminary diagnosis of anaphylactic shock was made after excluding other causes.
Someone who is allergic to peanuts, for example, will suffer anaphylactic shock and there may not be enough time to save them," said Victoria Barrington, the council's head of public protection.
Music teacher Andrew Turner, 38, went into sudden anaphylactic shock after he ate the bread with soup while at a friend's house in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Two bizarre and frightening cases of anaphylactic shock in schoolchildren are being noted in discussions regarding a new piece of legislation in Nevada, according to RGJ.
The blue jellyfish is the species that is most prolific at the moment, and its armoury will produce a nettle-like sting that can induce anaphylactic shock in victims that are allergic.
Delyth Parry suffers an anaphylactic shock at least once every two weeks and is on a cocktail of medication, for an illness triggered 10 years ago by latex gloves.
Particulate matter in injections can cause adverse events after intravenous administration such as vein irritation and phlebitis, pulmonary dysfunction and granulomas, local tissue infarction, occlusion of capillaries and arteries, anaphylactic shock, and death.
And though the dye is safe for most to consume, in a small number of people, cochineal extract can cause anaphylactic shock, or a severe allergic reaction that affects their ability to breathe.
Exposure can lead to anaphylactic shock where thebody'simmunedefencesystem goes into overdrive and the cells in the body start to produce the chemical histamine.
But at their most serious, they can lead to a potentially life-threatening anaphylactic shock.
The antidote obtained from eggs also reduced the incidence of anaphylactic shock and sickness -- side effects associated with the product obtained from horses.