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a word (such as a pronoun) used to avoid repetition

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23) Such as the belief that her interlocutor's language may not be English, or that in at least one language anaphors are bound by the subject clause.
We select candidates that agree in gender with the pronominal anaphor, as suggested in [5, 6].
I, you, me, his, her), and anaphors or reflexives (e.
Studying the acquisition of intensifiers is also interesting for another reason: given that intensifiers (The president himself said it) are formally indistinguishable from reflexive anaphors (He saw himself) in English and differ from the latter only in their distribution, investigating their acquisition amounts to intruding into one of the core areas of Generative Grammar.
The class of anaphors comprises also an instance of the anaphoric possessive swoj, inflected for case, number and gender, for example:
Text extraction needs to be able to capture and link three underlying pieces of information to rightly categorize elements in a document: pronouns, anaphors and inferable attributes.
Grounded spaces: Deictic-self anaphors in the poetry of Emily Dickinson.
subjacency, barriers, relativized minimality) and on the interpretation of pronouns and anaphors (i.
Chapters seven and eight further enhance students' experience of Italian by examining topics in semantics, pragmatics, and discourse, such as denotation, connotation, figurative language, metaphor, metonymy, irony, anaphors, cataphors and gestures.
The evaluation Of MLR focused on anaphors involving entities tagged as organizations (for example, companies, governments) by the sentence-analysis phase of their information-extraction system.
However, if one accepts this way of characterizing discourse anaphors, then the distinction between anaphorically and non-anaphorically used expressions amounts to the difference between expressions which are used to signal referents which are already familiar and referents which are new.
Thus Keenan uses, inter alia, ambiguities in English (1988, 110) and Malaylam (116) to help in the application to natural languages of his `semantic case theory', which aims to explain asymmetries between subjects and objects as regards quantifier scope, as well as the interpretation of anaphors.
This project examines anaphora (the linguistic device of abbreviated subsequent reference to a concept) in information retrieval (IR) systems in order to develop procedures to recognize anaphors in text and distinguish between anaphoric and non-anaphoric uses of a given term, estimate the number of anaphors appearing in bibliographic records, and assess the effect on retrieval performance when anaphors are replaced by their referents.
The lexical anaphors le chef de l'Etat and l'Elysee used here are common enough, in texts dealing with the French president and would pose no particular problems, either for interpretation or for translation.
2007) is that the processing task in the new test requires solving pronominal anaphors based on semantic cues instead of those based on Morpho-Syntactic ones.