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using a pronoun or similar word instead of repeating a word used earlier

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repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses


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This is an example of how both anaphora and occupatio can be generative even when, as in this case, the anaphora is notionally in the service of closing down the descriptive amplification.
In other cases we may have even nested anaphora, meaning an anaphora within another anaphora, as in the following note, written at the beginning of April, 1821, in which the repetition of senza is framed within the repetition of in guerra:
In a nutshell, Urdu reference system is complex for it has two pronouns for each nominative case (first person singular and third person singular) that may act as an anaphora reference.
Lexical anaphora occurs when this backpointing function is not assumed by a pronoun, but by a lexical item which is understood as coreferential with some earlier representation.
They had to read to themselves the anaphora problems presented on a screen, and then recall the word solution of each anaphora problem and write them down in the correct order.
Skibsrud is best at incantation: the cadence of "When I Am Called To Stand" or the anaphora list-ness of "Let it" repeated build to an emotional end that is a kind of collapse, a plea of resignation, a self at odds with the self, a wish that there might be things that remain forgotten.
Coupled with more contemporary maneuvers--the strike-through, the Q&A, the self-interview--and time-honored approaches such as pun, anaphora and list, "The Split" coalesces into a formalistic vaudeville of love's slings-'n'-arrows, the grotesque performance of an agonized heart:
Associate professor at Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, Illinois, John Paul Jaramillo, announced on Wednesday that Anaphora Literary Press has published his collection of 16 short stories 'The House of Order'.
As in the Romanian Country, the beginning of prisons organization in Moldavia dates back from the application of Organic Regulation, by Public Assembly decisions--the anaphora (decrees) of the Administrative Council --true government of the country--and the princely decrees.
A series of declarative statements, often linked by anaphora, reports upon the poet's experience in nature.
I need"--this is the way nearly every sentence begins, and I have rarely seen anaphora used to such good effect.
Although the pronominal anaphora problems used in the test are very easy--and quite different from the propositional reasoning inferences investigated--one of the purposes of the development of a new measure of WM is to avoid this possible circularity.
The basic assumption is that sequence of tense obtains semantic effects through anaphora, and that temporal relations and reference (as expressed in tense) are relations between events.
Whitman uses a numbering system, anaphora, repetition and parallel patterns; his poems spread just as they concentrate.
Once triplets have been generated, we apply several techniques in order to obtain the semantic graph of the document: co-reference and anaphora resolution of named entities and semantic normalization of triplets.