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a metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed-stressed syllables

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Whereas in an iambic context anapests and successions of unstressed syllables are associated with acceleration, spondees and successions of stresses are associated with deceleration:
Various other regular meters occur, from anapests ("Enough Suffered, My Soul," 1993), trochees ("Summer Romances," 1958-76) to tonic verse ("Let's Dance in the Moonlight," 1995), and simple free verse ("If to Count," 1995).
Then there's the verse, the galumphing iambs and anapests that pull you forward with the force of the Cat in the Hat leading you off a cliff.
Poetry, with its rules and regulations and structures, its iambic pentameters, anapests and elisions, is just a bridge too far for most of us.
Trochees line up stresses in stressed-stressless (dum di) pairs; iambs line them up in stressless-stressed (di dum) pairs; and anapests line them up in stressless-stressless-stressed (di di dum) triplets, as follows.
Poetry technicians are impressed that he did so in rhyming anapests.
Thus, praising Blake's masterful transition from anapests to iambs in one of the Songs of Innocence, Swinburne states: "Given a certain attainable average of intellect and culture, these points of workmanship, by dint of the infinite gifts or the infinite wants they imply, become the swiftest and surest means of testing a verse-writer's perfection of power, and what quality there may be in him to warrant his loftiest claim" (ACS, p.
But except when it was in a play deliberately modeled on a Greek tragedy-Atlanta in Calydon, of course-where he seems to have thought that the intolerable hendecasyllables of the dialogue and narrative made his typical anapests in the choruses into classical meters, he did not deliberately mix his meters.
Krantz," and seen by the experienced, mature pediatrician as unable to see "for the fat of its cheeks"--this last a cunning shift into anapests.
Since this "great divide" narrative is also predicated upon an understanding of poetic meter based upon "feet"--iambs, trochees, dactyls, anapests, and the like--it also unself-consciously reaffirms both a "military-metrical" complex associated with the competitive nationalism of World War I and "a perpetuation of the class differences in education" (pp.
Or perhaps two anapests, as a lot of the power comes from the rhythmic crescendo of "like clouds chang-," with "clouds" receiving a lot of stress, but a little less to my ear than the first syllable of "changing.
The rhythms are managed with special brio: the struggle to get the first robber to the chopping block comes to us largely in anapests, the triple feet teasing the scene out.
Although these lines reaffirm the home as a woman's sphere, the three successive anapests in "they were out in the glare on the militant" speed up the reading and suggest the women's acclimation to the public work space.
Pope was a stickler for correct technique, and most poets at least from Dryden to Johnson would have been scandalized by anapests leading to monosyllabic feet.
His short essays resurrect the spirit of Morris' "Notes on News" for Commonweal, and their more engaging passages range from reflections on hitherto unnoticed characters and incidents in News, to a carefully crafted redaction of its first chapter in the epic style and octameter anapests of Sigurd the Volsung.