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(of a metric foot) characterized by two short syllables followed by a long one


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Specifically, Greek anapestic meter is rhythmic because it manifests a perfect succession of trochaically grouped moras.
Anapestic tetrameter could be adapted to many uses, as the first and last stanzas of the parody testify.
These stanzas, made up of seven lines of anapestic trimeter with a final line of anapestic dimeter, are not found in any of Swinburne's other sea poems.
This new restraint is expressed through sedate, hymn-like stanzas with predominantly iambic rhythm and regular rhyme (ababcc, dedeff), and with no hint of the rollicking levity achieved by the anapestic alternations of many songs in Poems and Ballads.
Preserving the dominance of the triple foot, the lines are neither strictly anapestic nor dactylic, resulting in occasional indeterminacies, puzzling caesuras, stops and starts, as in stanza 5 in the first section of Part I:
41) Hopkins' early defense of "The Wreck"'s prosody indicates he is aware of the cacophony he has introduced: in the anapestic scanning of "'Fiftytwo Bedford Square',.
In these last lines, an anapestic suggestion interplay's with the iambic element, before taking over the poem.
Feet are so evenly divided between anapestic and iambic that it is difficult to say which is the variation.
Although the lines in each stanza inconsistently shift between anapestic trimeters and an iamb followed by two anapests, which could seem to signal a disruptive presence that undermines the poem's overall impression of mastery, the curious format instead mimics the randomness of natural selection itself and testifies to the speaker's proficiency and comfort within the scientific realm.
The strong kinetic verbs, the imperatives opening the lines, and creating a predominantly trochaic and anapestic rhythm, play their part in transforming what could have otherwise remained a lyrical outburst into an almost dramatic one.
If pace, understood as rate or speed, is measured mathematically by syllables per time unit, the anapestic foot has three, while the iambic has two.
Hulme's replacement of the rose with the machine as the standard of beauty finds expression, in the academic formalists, almost exclusively with the frequent use of enjambment and anapestic substitutions in otherwise conventional versification and with a concentration of irony --often aloof or distancing, sometimes morbid or brooding--in poetic voice (McPhillips 9-10).
Lake's practice of writing metrical verse is strongly upheld in "Pro Forma," with its rollicking anapestic feet.
His claim that English prose rhythm is naturally either iambic or anapestic, for example, tallies with a later and similar claim by George Saintsbury.
Lines are written in the anapestic meter (two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable) or in the amphibrachic meter (one stressed syllable between unstressed syllables).