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a metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed-stressed syllables

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Focusing here on choral song, classicists, philologists, and other scholars discuss such topics as Alcman's first Partheneion and the song the Sirens sang, the parrhesia of young female choruses in ancient Greece, a second look at the poetics of re-enactment in Ode 13 of Bacchylides, Pindar and the Aeginetan patrai, and choral self-awareness in the introductory anapaests of Aeschylus; Supplices.
Without pause, we are caught up in the momentum of events, swept along by the swinging iambs and anapaests, from the effeminate Carrier (traitor to republican virtu), to the Loire, to the kangaroo court where, before we can catch our breath, we have met "One rough with labour and red with fight, / And a lady noble by name and face," whom "the judge bade strip and ship them, and bind / Bosom to bosom, to drown and die" (ll.
The metre moves in rapid anapaests through the detail of the horses' manes to the 'jolt' of electricity.
There are four stress-peaks to a line separated by an irregular mixture of iambics and anapaests.
19) He finds weak only the metrics of the poem, which he called "false and inadmissible" anapaests in 1845 and "false dactyls" in September 1846.
In the beginning of The Persians, the meter increases in tempo and intricacy within the first choral song from marching anapaests, a kind of deliberate and slow-paced recitative, ("of the Persians who've gone" v v - v v -),(17) through more melodic ionic meters, ("Persian city now is destroyed" v v - -v v - -)), to faster-moving trochaics ("blackened robe of mine" - v -v -).