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the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes

a distorted projection or perspective


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In her discussion of the methods of perspective known to Leonardo, Lyle Massey, Picturing Space, Displacing Bodies: Anamorphosis in Early Modern Theories of Perspective, (Philadelphia: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2007), 47, puts forth four different kinds of perspectives available.
48) Recognizing that he has lost control of his own self-representation through naval and ethereal defeat, Antony experiences his failure as, in James's terms, a radical anamorphosis into empty "signs", which are indefinitely subject to refiguration (James, 128).
T]he "post-" of "postmodern" does not signify a movement of comeback, flashback, or feedback, that is, not a movement of repetition but a procedure in "ana-": a procedure of analysis, anamnesis, anagogy, and anamorphosis that elaborates an "initial forgetting.
The dialectic between a self-assertive, wall-occupying gesture and contextual humility is demonstrated" in part through the historic strategy of anamorphosis (163-64).
Lambert describes anamorphosis as, "(the technique of in-completion, or the distortion of the figure) which calls for the spectator's direct intervention and participation in the completion of the picture-event" (34).
Impossible objects and architecture, optical illusion and anamorphosis are the three key techniques on display.
In a brilliant reading of Lacan's discussion of anamorphosis and the geometral perspective in The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, Tuhkanen argues that '"paranoid ambiguities" .
Modern philosopher and critical theorist, Slavoj Zizek elaborates on Lacan's theorizations of the real in his essay "Looking awry," postulating that Lacan's objet petit a, which is essentially produced by anamorphosis, or the distortion of the gaze, often provides us with a more distinct view of reality.
Among the topics are official and non-official modes of representing the leader and the divine; from warrior to statesman in art and ideology; Octavian Augustus and the image of Alexander the Great; the acanthus of the Ara Pacis as an Apolline and Dionysiac symbol of anamorphosis, anakyklosis, and numen mixtum; the insanity of Caligula or the insanity of the Jews: differences in perception and religious belief; and astral theology, Castorian imagery, and the dual heirs in the transmission of leadership.
6) For more on anamorphosis, see Looking Awry 90-91; Zizek's thoughts on deconstruction as an essentially incomplete project can be found in For They Know 37.
While Hocquard's description of anamorphosis is more or less clear
Anamorphosis in Early Modern Literature: Mediation and Affect by Jen E.
Anamorphosis is, in the biological sense, "the tendency" for an organism "to evolve toward increasing complexity" (Davidson 1983, 223, 227).