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Synonyms for anamorphosis

the evolution of one type of organism from another by a long series of gradual changes

a distorted projection or perspective


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58 I will not be dealing with catoptric or reflective anamorphoses here, which figure prominently in book 2 of Niceron's treatise.
Web3;OED]/psychoana[OED]/pyro[ChD;Web3])lyses, anamorphoses,
beaucoup moins que] Anamorphoses et certitudes [beaucoup plus grand que], une exposition de peinture de l'artiste Ameur Hachemi, inauguree samedi dernier a la galerie d'art Asselah-Hocine, Alger, a l'initiative de l'etablissement arts et culture.
Perrot expertly weaves his study of James's literary anamorphoses in Chapter VII with other previously discussed themes (e.
La reference au passe, a la nostalgie et au reve, connotee par les anamorphoses et les ombres portees, s'impregne de references culturelles a peine voilees.
Galan owns one of the largest collections of anamorphoses, "those distorted paintings that, viewed in a convex mirror or from a certain perspective, suddenly resolve into natural proportions.