anamnestic response

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renewed rapid production of an antibody on the second (or subsequent) encounter with the same antigen

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Given this evidence of an anamnestic response and the likelihood that most of the RBC mass now consisted of incompatible RBCs, the decision to proceed with ARE was made.
These VLP-based vaccines are obviously not therapeutic but the vaccine trial data showed that there is an anamnestic response to a single dose of vaccine in previously infected subjects (17).
Also, in most adults infected with HSV-1/HSV-2, anti-HSV antibodies will react with B virus antigen due to an anamnestic response of their immune system.
Likewise, there is an anamnestic response during sequential and heterotypical secondary infections, accompanied by a sudden rise in antibody titres.
This rapid recognition and response on subsequent exposure to antigen is called the secondary immune or anamnestic response (ana- means against and mimneskein means to call to mind).
Absence of an anamnestic response might indicate waning immunity, Dr.
Apart from that, the DNA vaccination had primed for a significant anamnestic response to protein antigen.
The only exception is the rare situation where a person may have been exposed to a different flavivirus, and the anamnestic response upon exposure to WNV results in the production of high avidity IgG.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A two-step tuberculin skin test, requiring three visits, is necessary to rule out the presence of an anamnestic response in people who were infected with tuberculosis long ago, Dr.