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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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This latest version of CosmosWorks, the FEA software, includes enhanced meshing that lets engineers analyze assemblies of thick and thin parts using a combination of solid, shell, and beam meshes, as well as adaptive technology to automatically refine or coarsen mesh, or both.
BlogPulse analyzes and ranks key issues, phrases and links found in each day's blog postings.
Alternatively, once could simply analyze the data of the 95 respondents answering the question.
what are the exact elements your foundry needs the spectrometer to analyze and to what degree (how precise) do you need the analysis performed?
At the same time, these units can analyze the entire spectrum simultaneously, although plastics users most often select no more than about 12 elements at a time.
If so-and there's every indication that long-term care outcomes are a "hot topic," as managed care's interest grow -- nursing facilities can look forward to a whole series of new tools to help them analyze their performance compared to the overall market.
We don't just count different elements of the ecosystem - we analyze their value by measuring the work they do.
Furthermore, our laboratory is certified to analyze human biological samples according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (1988), which requires extensive quality control and assurance, semiannual blinded proficiency testing, continued verification and documentation of operational parameters, and recertification every 2 years.
Results from survey data and from content analysis of semi-structured interview responses suggest that a showcase portfolio tool may be most influential on physician's skills and abilities to critically analyze their own clinical performance.
Ejasent's Optimizer is a stand-alone software application that is available now and can monitor and analyze an unlimited number of servers for consolidation.
This approach lets users apply multiple solutions, or solvers, that are independent of each other to analyze the problem they are trying to solve.
It used a 170-cm Hilger Littrow spectrograph with a spark source to analyze brass and other copper alloys and to control their composition.
Analyze the relationship of events and ideas that have shaped the history of the U.
Because the first option cannot be used to study humans, scientists studying the human genome must analyze large families, which can be hard to find.