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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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An analyzation of probability density function of the equivalence ratio showed, that there are remarkable differences in homogeneity of the mixture at right before and directly at TDC.
Treat control Penterometer Laboratory Repetition 1 82/5 84/3 81/64 2 85 86/25 82/45 3 83 78/75 79/02 Tables 3: Variance analyzation for soil of sand and peeble group.
Engineering skills and expertise are needed to address problems related to equipment design and manufacturing; forest access systems design and construction; machine/soil interaction and erosion control; forest operations analyzation and improvement; decision modeling; and wood product design and manufacturing.
To fix this, the library is currently transitioning from a monthly analyzation log to a daily log file in which the last octet of the IP address is scrubbed before the file is analyzed by the library's in-house tool for tracking electronic resource usage.
Students use analyzation methods to uncover the chemical properties of the raw materials found in the, urn, makeup of makeup.
Holism is important in studying poems and analyzation of a poem should assist learners in understanding and making use of its contents.
Miss Bronte was struck by the force or peculiarity of the character of some one she knew; she studied it, and analyzed it with subtle power; and having traced it to its germ, she took that germ as the nucleus of an imaginary character, and worked outwards;--thus reversing the process of analyzation, and unconsciously reproducing the same external development.
Network Instruments, LLC, Minneapolis, has introduced a major upgrade of its Observer protocol analyzation software for LAN/WAN networks, dramatically enhancing its user interface and performance in monitoring, troubleshooting, and trend analysis of shared or switched environments.
During the analyzation and investigative phase, perform the following statistical and subjective assessments:
After core analyzation, which was supposed to have been completed in the winter of 2000, the company projected that additional exploration work would be conducted this spring.
This procedure of data analyzation assured that each ST's instructional behaviors between each targeted class were consistent without any intervention from their CT.
Instead of the regions of fiction', she wrote in 1802,'I should wish to have recourse to the records of authentic history; and by analyzation of some distinguished characters, show the consequences of the regulation of the passions, and the operation of the various faculties'.
The following must be followed in the analyzation process: