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  • verb

Synonyms for analyze

to separate into parts for study

to study closely or systematically

Synonyms for analyze

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

break down into components or essential features

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Treat control Penterometer Laboratory Repetition 1 27/5 30/75 28 2 25 27 24/75 3 22/5 24 18/78 Table 8: Variance analyzation for soil of loomi group with macro tissue.
Observer will provide Frame Relay analyzation at less than one-half the cost of competing products.
Network Instruments, LLC, today announced a major upgrade of its Observer protocol analyzation software for LAN/WAN networks, dramatically enhancing its user interface and performance in monitoring, troubleshooting, and trend analysis of shared or switched environments.
Network Instruments is the developer of Observer(R), Expert Observer(R) and Observer Suite(R), a line of protocol analyzation products that offer the ability to detect network abnormalities and report device or route failures.
Link Analyst complements diagnostic/troubleshooting solutions such as Observer, Network Instruments' flagship protocol analyzation product, by offering the ability to detect network abnormalities, report device or route failures.
The enhancement of the entire dispatching engine, primarily the dispatcher's ability to visually monitor and change field crew orders -- Wireless communication to field crews of optimized route maps and/or text-based driving directions for on-time servicing -- Continuous map-based updates of mission critical data such as crew routing, customer locations, zone boundaries and crew distribution for better field service chain analyzation -- Quick identification of the crew in closest proximity to a new, urgent work site for optimal dispatching
His responsibilities will expand to include the analyzation and interpretation of data as well as the collection and communication of it.
The integrated form handler grabs form data contained in email messages and adds that data to your database, so you can also use EmailUnlimited to send questionaires and get the results into your database automatically for analyzation.
Company description: Network Instruments, LLC, is a leading developer of network analyzation software, including protocol analyzers and SNMP/RMON management consoles.
Amalgamated utilizes the ETS information in drilling and prospect analyzation and has offered the Electrotelluric services to industry partners.
And one of the things I noticed in analyzation of the health care system for seniors, analyzation of Medicare, was that medicine had changed, but Medicare hadn't.
Kaspia has dramatically enhanced its frame relay offering by adding all-circuit automatic discovery capabilities, complete monitoring for critical behavior and in-depth analyzation of the results presented via comprehensive GOS Web-based reports.
The addition brings the growing Spotrac community an inside look at the large, one-of-a-kind database, and the various ideas and analyzations that can be derived from the data for just $30 per year.