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capable of being partitioned


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The only analyzable data for inclined tubes were from Tepe and Mueller (1947).
This implies that a body is in principle always divisible without ever arriving at a terminally indivisible discrete part, or at several unconnected discrete parts each of which can no longer be further dissected or split; for every part, large or small, is in itself a continuous whole due to its continuous underlying matter, and so is not analyzable into its constitutive, self-subsistent indivisible parts or atoms.
The solution additives are said to be fully analyzable and can be controlled using CVS analysis techniques, eliminating variability.
The grand narrative monopolizes all the attention, since academic tradition lays down as a condition that without such greater historical connections the research becomes incomprehensible (a condition that goes under the name of scientific working practice); odd disjunctive bits and pieces left behind from the past are not seen as valid unless placed in an analyzable context.
Analyzable functions and applications; proceedings.
A total of 687 patients were randomized in ASCEND I and II, of which 423 analyzable patients (169 in ASCEND I, 254 in ASCEND II) had moderately active UC.
I suggest a class exercise that helps students see such isms as complicated and varied (as opposed to monolithic and unified) and thus analyzable from a personal and psychological (rather than just historical and cultural) perspective.
Under conditions of reduced analyzability, data supported a correspondence between information richness and technology transfer effectiveness, but for more analyzable conditions, the relationship was reversed.
Other analyzable early borrowings with the date of their first occurrence are hermitage 'a hermitage' (The place-names of the East Riding of Yorkshire and York 1280, see Smith 1937), pelrinage 'a pilgrimage', servage 'servitude, bondage, slavery' and taillage 'a royal land tax' (South English Legendary 1300), barnage 'the nobility' (Floris and Blauncheflur, Havelok the Dane and King Horn, all 1300) and passage 'the act of crossing or passing from one place to another' (South English Legendary, King Horn and Eleven Pains of Hell (2), all 1300).
report the use of a default preposition; in Swedish, Ann-Cristin Mansson and Elisabeth Ahlsen report the creation of some morphologically analyzable nonwords by a speaker with Broca's aphasia, as do Itziar Laka and Lore Erriondo Korostola for Basque, and Marja-Liisa Helasvuo, Anu Klippi, and Minna Laakso for Finnish.
Though far from glamorous, pyrolyzers--a group of instruments that heat large molecules and break them into smaller, analyzable fragments--are nonetheless essential to some of the world's most important industrial laboratories.
Supervalu's potential volume gains from customer transfers to the tune of 45% are analyzable, although the statesmanlike Supervalu management is intent on low-keying it for now.
Boyd and Fulk (1996) found that environmental scanning declined when the environment was perceived to be less analyzable or predictable.
The difficult doubleness of self-reflexivity was captured two decades ago by Norman Rabkin, as he sought to describe the critical theory of his day: "Jacques Derrida and his deconstructive allies see language and art as so intractably self-reflexive as to be incapable of analyzable significance; Harold Bloom argues that all reading is misreading, that one reads well only to find oneself in the mirror" (1981, 1).
This minute-by-minute account, which fills roughly half the book, functions like an instant replay, slowing the torrent of events to an analyzable speed.