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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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PHASE 2: In this phase a forensic analytical review is conducted of vulnerability areas identified in phase 1 along with testing other financial areas.
The use of her natural history reviews written for the Analytical Review really clinched Fairclough's argument and demonstrates the range of material that she brings to bear on the subject in this book.
The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development will publish the chapters of the report in media in the coming days to provide an analytical review on the performance of the Abu Dhabi's economy during 2011.
The analytical review of the phenomena, reservoirs and properties of the most common group of mineral waters is shown, by the hydrogeological areas in the active spas of Serbia.
There are numerous other issues that firms are having regarding review engagements, especially analytical review and developing and documenting expectation analysis.
In addition to a subjective analytical review of The Road there are also to reviews from The Guardian and The New York Times.
The presentation will include a brief yet analytical review of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, which includes Conditional Payments, Medicare Set Aside (MSA) allocations, self administration and professional administration.
In truth, this was a disappointing meeting for anyone attempting a strictly analytical review of the main events.
Detailed analytical review of the salt industry is the highlight of the new market study "Salt Market Review".
It features a detailed analytical review of the markets and presents elaborate market projections.
Her summarizing criticism found in The Analytical Review and the Monthly Review against Burke's style in Reflections on the Revolution in France, say, yields reliable enough access to received opinion* The critic for The Analytical Review finds Burke's "looseness of stile" unpalatable, his long sentences insufficiently ordered (50).
This was the crux of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Dr Nadeemul Haqs press talk after launching of Analytical Review of the PSDP Portfolio, here on Tuesday.
Georgiou offers an insightful analytical review of Miller's classic paper on 'the magical number 7'.
Appendices include a questionnaire for the analytical review of banks and the 2006 version of the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision.
Respondents were informed they were conducting the audit planning analytical review procedures, and were presented with a case narrative and last year's audited financial statements.
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