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Synonyms for analyse

Synonyms for analyse

break down into components or essential features

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of

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Evolutionary Analyses of bdr-Related Sequences: Revised Nomenclature for the Bdr-Related Proteins
Multivariate analyses using the continuous measure of depressive symptoms yielded similar results.
In all, analyses of the results of the nonparametric and parametric analyses agreed.
However, after receiving an earlier version of this letter, the CDC quickly performed new analyses of 14 retained frozen samples and informed us that analysis with confirmatory ions validated their original findings.
These analyses of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) aim to raise awareness of the challenges faced by career counselors and to identify possibilities for advancing the profession.
Abaqus introduced a fourth product in January, Abaqus/Foundation, for midrange analyses.
Addressing the issue of missing data is important because it can impact subsequent analyses, discussions and conclusions.
These analyses can be used by virtually any company in a wide variety of circumstances.
Statistical standards are used to determine whether the model produces statistically reasonable results as well as to provide analyses of the sensitivity and uncertainty associated with each of the model's inputs.
It usually is expressed as a percentage that is calculated by dividing the standard deviation obtained from a number of analyses of an element divided by the average of the readings.
Cost-effectiveness analyses have become a pervasive element of health care.
Use tables, graphs, charts and written analyses to support conclusions about original hypotheses based upon collected data; compare and contrast alternative conclusions based on the same data.
AMERICAN FORESTS is currently conducting urban ecological analyses in five cities across the U.
However, the analyses also suggest that, compared to men born before 1898, male baby boomers faced twice the overall cancer risk (136 per 100,000 in 1987, for instance) and more than twice the rate of non-smoking-related cancers (124 per 100,000).
Many borrowers in this market are smaller, less-well-known companies or those with complex financings, and thus they can be served only by lenders willing to perform extensive credit analyses.