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a person undergoing psychoanalysis

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Just as there is no Other of the Other--that is, no position outside of language that allows us to discuss language as a whole without having to rely on language itself in our discussion--there is no way in which we can step outside the transference situation and invite the analysand to do so with us in order to discuss what is happening in the transference itself.
dialogue between the analysand and the weird or eerie language of his or
In order to reach das Ding, the analysand should traverse the protection of the fantasy.
The topic of Freud's fifth lecture involved questions of transference through which the analysand projects onto the analyst their unconscious loves and hates.
The storyteller becomes the analysand, with the listener standing in as analyst.
In contrast, contemporary understanding of counter-transference presumes that the analyst's authority is not infallible; the analyst is capable of, and encouraged to see as inevitable, the same tendency to project primal childhood relationships onto the analysand as the analysand does upon the analyst.
The scene introducing Monkey Island is set between Chris's cousin Jenny and Chris as between analyst and analysand.
Lacan suggests a space wherein a switch becomes possible, an exchange of analysand and analyst.
During the course of his therapy, in addition to the dream of the mandala, the analysand has a dream in which an angel explains the mystery of the Trinity in terms of a peacock's tail.
But we must, at the same time, consider the possibility that the analysand -which is to say, the analysand-narrator created by the novelist- speaks in bad faith, or renders an account that is simply inaccurate.
Jung's amplificatory method requires the analyst to make associations freely with (to amplify) an image or figure in a dream, seeking parallels in myths, legends and concepts assumed to be present in the collective unconscious shared by both analyst and analysand.
An enactment occurs when either the analyst or analysand or, more frequently, both, experience powerful but unacknowledged feelings or "not-me" self-states.
In analysis, with the request that the analysand mention everything that comes to his or her mind, attention becomes directed on those sexual and aggressive feelings that have hitherto been fleeting and unattended to.
Like any analysand, Sasha is constantly choosing which answer to give: the one she thinks her therapist wants to hear?
quiz-show contestants, and yet another, most provocatively, as analysand on his own couch.