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Synonyms for analogous

Synonyms for analogous

possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

Synonyms for analogous

similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar

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corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin

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A+/T+/N- and A+/T+/N+ are analogous to NIA-AA preclinical AD stage 2/3 and IWG asymptomatic at risk for AD.
While this uncertainty may be tolerable during prosecution, where time-pressed examiners can be forgiven for relying on common sense among other things, courts should no longer rely on the outdated analogous arts test as a shortcut to find inventions obvious.
We first discussed analogous color schemes before each student painted his or her own light washes as a background on watercolor paper.
Might something analogous to the Expressionist "discovery" of Georg Buchner be possible?
compares the three bodies of the Buddha to the Christian Trinity; I would suggest that the closer analogy is to Christology, with dharmakaya analogous to the divine nature, sambhogakaya analogous to the human nature of the Risen Jesus, and nirmanakaya analogous to Jesus" preresurrection human nature.
Fellow Analogous Canuck Ryan Smith pulled a quick change, too, landing on the solid shores of DC clothing.
This is analogous to expressing another's point in one's own words; such paraphrasing, in music as in language, is essential for fluency and understanding.
Some of the struggles of the characters are very analogous to the gay community of 15 or 20 years ago.
The site explains: 'It is purposefully "dumb" in a pop-art sense, embracing the ordinary in a way analogous to Venturi and Scott Brown's approach to architecture.
Like other PolyJet systems, the Eden500V employs a "clean" modeling process analogous to ink-jet printing.
That statement, given the time and place, is analogous to coming out in favor of apple pie at a Pillsbury Bake-Off held in Washington, DC, on the Fourth of July.
The experimental installation and the method of measurement are analogous to those used in our previous work [3] (see Fig.
Irfan Khawaja, writing for the Web site of the Institute for the Secularization of Islamic Society, wonders why Western journalists have taken so little interest in a story that could be "to Pakistan (and by extension to the Muslim world) what the analogous story was to the Catholic Church a few years ago--or for that matter what Abu Ghraib has been for the U.
Though you mention the example of "white men flying to Havana for morena prostitutes," you overlooked an analogous example of (predominantly white) men flying to Southeast Asia (e.
It has become a paradigm for analogous programs throughout the city.