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Jeb Bush is most appropriately, and problematically for some, analogized to George W.
Decanting statutes are often analogized to the exercise of a limited power of appointment.
Autumn and Winter have often been analogized with the fading of life and approach of death.
has analogized the struggles of recent immigrants with those of American blacks during the civil-rights movement.
Sara's own survival is less a matter of checkmate and more one of kindness from strangers, while memory's truths are better analogized to her densely woven caned chair.
The lower court had analogized hospital employees to police officers, as in Gaffney v City of Chicago, 302 Ill App 3d 41, 706 NE2d 914 (1st D 1998), and had held that "for purposes of patient confidentiality, young was on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In Notice 2006-24, the Internal Revenue Service asked a series of questions on the business use of these arrangements, including the commercial circumstances that prompt the decision for companies to enter into cross licensing arrangements, the terms of the agreements, other agreements to which CLAs might be analogized, the methods by which industry sets values on the rights to CLAs, and the appropriate U.
The looks of business cycles are frequently analogized as roller coasters.
3) The D'Amario court analogized the distinction between an accident causing first event from an occupant second impact or collision to some component of the motor vehicle with that of medical malpractice occurring subsequently to an initial tort; in essence, crashworthiness fault was a successive tort distinct from the tort of the person who caused the motor vehicle crash in the first place.
And as we make our way through the book, we find lawyers analogized to sharks (twice), alligators (thrice), birds, lions, a snake (specifically a cobra), a scion of Godzilla, a jackal, a she-bear, and Genghis Khan (or is it Attila the Hun?
Parson analogized the proposed rule change, saying: "If you were a kid going to school, you could not get a 46 percent and get a 'satisfactory.
Managing an association has been analogized to herding cats, so an association executive can feel a certain sense of pride once he or she has been able to direct the focus of the members so that they achieve the stated common goal.
I've never heard of a sardine that eats a shark, but sharks that eat sardines, yes," he analogized.
In Middleton's Your Five-Gallants, uncurrent money is analogized to the woman who has lost her maidenhead: "here's Mistresse Rose-noble has lost her maiden-head, crack't in the Ring, shees good enough for gaimester, and to passe from man to man: for gold presents at Dice your harlot, in one houre wone and lost thrice, every man has a fling at her" (1026-30).
He analogized further, saying that when police are searching for a criminal they can't find, they do not simply bomb everyone hoping to hit the suspect.