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expressing, composed of, or based on an analogy

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The most important components of solving numeracy worded problems are comprehending the text and applying analogical reasoning to construct equations and other mathematical structures out of the text.
In fact, music links to all the languages involved in body movements, postures and gestures, facial expressions, voice inflections, rhythm and pulse of spoken words, and all the bodily expressions and communication signs active in every human interaction, which are named Analogical Languages (Watzlawick, Helmick Beavin, & Jackson, 1971).
Student understandings of numeracy problems: Semantic alignment and analogical reasoning, is the paper by James Davis, which provides a pedagogical model, RULES & T, as a way to support students in solving worded problems.
In order to do this, we can make use of analogical pedagogy (James 2003, Harrison 1993, Clement 1993), which capitalizes on the promise that students can quickly learn basics by making analogies between a new skill to be learned and an already well-established skill.
Although analogical reasoning is a core cognitive skill that distinguishes humans from other animals, its origins are still not well understood.
Railway connection between Azerbaijan and Turkey will be provided by with the use of analogical mechanism in another important project.
If he wants to be historically and locally correct, the analogical genitive is attested early with comparisons in Old English (Northumbrian) genitive forms "modere" and "modre" from the second half of the 10th century in the Lindisfarne Gospels.
By Parallel Reasoning: The Construction and Evaluation of Analogical Arguments.
For a long time researchers believed that this type of analogical reasoning was impossible without language and that it was restricted to humans or, at best, great apes that had been taught a language.
The ontological foundation of such analogical relationships is the dynamic life of the trinitarian Godhead.
Theoretical and empirical analysis of analogical language has traditionally been seen as the preserve of the cognitivist approach (e.
This study addresses the question to what extent the production of regular past tense forms in Dutch is affected by analogical processes.
Hawking's argument has the form of what us dazed veterans of introductory logic instruction call an analogical argument, that is, an argument based on a comparison.
Problem is, Munich has been the mind-set of just about every other administration in recent history, from Bush II back to Harry Truman, regardless of analogical accuracy.
Although he discusses a variety of sociological, cultural and intellectual explanations for Catholic "otherness" in America, Massa relies on David Tracy's distinction between the analogical and dialogical imagination to argue that Catholics and Protestants "see the world differently.