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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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Unlike analog film, which relies primarily on editing for temporal play, these compounded screens mimic digital interfaces, which employ multiple windows to display several time periods simultaneously.
Despite the advantages of digital imaging technologies, analog film procedures remain dominant in Russia.
The Crowley Company is a world-leader in digital and analog film technologies.
opened with a look at the analog film business, noting past predictions of a long, slow decline in film never made sense to him.
DX-D Retrofit - An economical direct radiography upgrade solution, the DX-D Retrofit ensures facilities get the most out of their existing X-ray investments by making the transition from analog film or computed radiography (CR) imaging to DR, and experience the benefits of cassette-less image capture to improve workflow and productivity.
Performance art, social practice, assemblage-based sculpture, painting on canvas, the "archival impulse," analog film, and the fascination with modernist design and architecture: At first glance, none of these formats appear to have anything to do with digital media, and when they are discussed, it is typically in relation to previous artistic practices across the twentieth century.
Exposure is Alien Skin Software's flagship analog film emulation and photography effects software.
The use of analog film, typical of Thyn's photographic work, on the one hand questions the significance of documenting an already existing artwork and the consequences of this process, while on the other it aspires to test and overcome the limits of photography as such.
Exposure 6 enables digital photographers to quickly achieve accurate analog film emulation and creative effects in a simple interface.
The appealing return on investment (ROI) model allows for immediate cost reductions associated with replacing analog film printing and distribution with digital image viewing and communication.
Intraoral X-ray market, which includes intraoral X-ray units, intraoral analog film, photostimulable phosphorus (PSP) systems and digital sensors;
By replacing analog film and film processing with digital images, the GE Digital Mammography Platform offers significant advantages over traditional analog mammography including improved throughput, less waste and reduced energy, water, and chemicals use.
Summit Global held a media event in Hong Kong today outlining its plans to bring back instant photography using traditional analog film to capture not only the people that admire Polaroid but to introduce a new generation of consumers to the brand.
Intraoral X- ray market, which includes intraoral X- ray units, intraoral analog film, photostimulable phosphorus (PSP) systems and digital sensors;
Avoiding the need of analog film processing also removes the need to purchase, handle and dispose of processing developer and fixer chemicals.