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a collection of excerpts from a literary work

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Also, more could have been said about the specifics of the Buddhist influences on Zhu Xi and his reading of the Analects.
The Analects of Confucius: A Philosophical Translation (New York: Ballantine Books, 1999); Annping Chin, The Authentic Confucius: A Life of Thought and Politics (New York: Scribner, 2007); David S.
Rather, his Analects make a sort of Calvinist argument for prudence, if not outright mercantilism: national success comes from producing and is damaged by consumption.
Sixth, and last, I think that the cumulative weight of the analects cited above offer enough inductive evidence for the conclusion that Confucius clearly thinks that zhong is a sine qua non in the pursuit of human excellence.
This is a notable contrast to the Ames-Rosemont Analects.
The Book of Probes is to McLuhanism as The Analects is to Confucianism.
Zhang, Wei-Bin, On Adam Smith and Confucius: The Theory of Moral Sentiments and the Analects, New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2000.
Since few non-Buddhist texts were printed in Japan before 1580, apart from the Analects printed in Sakai in the fourteenth century and the Great Learning in Satsuma in the fifteenth, the eagerness of visiting Japanese to acquire Korean printed editions of works that were only available in Japan in the form of manuscripts is understandable.
through the editing of the Classics and his comments in the Analects,
And following through one of Kong Qiu (Confucius) Analects, "To lead the people to war without having taught them is to throw them away," Beijing knows that its time has not yet come.
I read the Analects carefully (in English, of course) and found the experience to be at once consoling and uncomfortable--but perhaps no more so than when I read the more familiar texts of Bible.
As The Analects by Confucius notes, "The rule of virtue can be compared to the North Star which commands the homage of the multitude of stars simply by remaining in its place" (Confucius 1979, 2: 1).
This is incompatible with some remarks in the Analects which give the impression that there is no hope for improving certain people who have strayed so far that indifference is the recommended attitude toward them.
She details his life, personality, and influence; his work, focusing on the concepts in the Analects in their social, moral, and educational contexts; and the relevance of his work today for 21st-century education.
The research topics are formidable and include the cardinal virtue of ren in Confucius' "The Analects,'' "the origin of chirality (or handedness) in a prebiotic life,'' Ezra Pound's view of "The Canterbury Tales'' and how to design a research trial using microbes transplanted from the human biome.