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a collection of excerpts from a literary work

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The numbers of issues of Analecta Hibernica has reached 41, and the book volumes published is approaching 160.
As even the most cursory reading confirms, The Acting Person--as do some of the other articles published by Wojtyla in the Analecta Husserliana--evinces haste in its final editing.
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Thus, the "Bibliography" begins with the stark one line entry "AASS," for Acta Sanctorum, followed by the equally stark one-liner "A," for Analecta Bolandiana.
See Karol Wojtyla, "Special Contribution to the Debate: The Intentional Act and the Human Act, that is, Act and Experience," in Analecta Husserliana V (Dordrecht-Holland: D.
Moran's poems have appeared in IUSB Magazine, Current and Analecta, the Notre Dame Review, No Exit, Word Play, Free Lunch, and Iowa Woman.
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