anal sex

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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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The study shows a particular increase in vaginal sex engaged in by 16-to 24-year-olds, but the increasing oral and anal sex practices was more most significant among slightly older participants between 19 and 24.
But the recommendation is that all who practice anal sex, especially those who are living with HIV or HPV, be tested every one to three years.
The key input parameters used in the model included per-act HIV transmission probabilities with insertive and receptive anal sex, HIV risk-reduction strategies or risk modifiers, number of sex acts, and HIV prevalence among MSM partners (see Supplementary Materials).
Research in the United States established that receptive anal sex (being the bottom) without a condom is the main sexual risk factor for HCV infection in gay and bisexual men.
Furthermore, the mean number of anal sex partners declined from 10.
Some evidence has shown that men who used a private room during a bathhouse visit reported engaging in condomless anal sex compared to men who had not used a private room (Reidy et al.
On one hand, it's nigh impossible to construct an argument by which sexual contact between men, let alone anal sex, is considered permissible in God's eyes.
The website stated that Pornhub gets more requests for anal sex from Russia than any other country United States likes ass a bit more than Canada, but when it comes to anal sex, Canada likes to top the American.
Data from NHBS ([dagger]) were used to describe adjusted trends in unprotected anal sex ([section]) in the past 12 months among MSM in 2005, 2008, and 2011.
Likewise, a Vancouver study observed that the rate of unprotected receptive anal sex, with ejaculation, with their primary sexual partners was 24% in this population (Bhat, Yee, & Koo, 1994).
So you want to know about G-spot orgasms, female ejaculation, anal sex, open relationships, sex toys .
Because of cultural limitations, health care providers cannot discuss oral and anal sex and their consequences explicitly with women (2-4).
Dr Cranston was referring to the multitude of anal health complications people practicing receptive anal sex are likely to be dealing with in their lives and very little quality care and products that exist to relieve them.
In 2001, a woman came to her with a complaint that she wanted to divorce her husband because he was having anal sex.
Receptive anal sex was very strongly associated with HIV infection but insertive anal sex was not.