anal retentive

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a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region

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Would be anal retentive, and unwilling to give himself away?
How often are our attitudes and actions like that cellist Who during a rehearsal Sir Thomas Beecham was conducting Kept picking apart the music with her bow In a kind of anal retentive snit Till Beecham finally blew his stack and said "Madame God has given you a precious gift between your legs And all you do is scratch it" A rain can be delicate as a black widow's web Or mysterious as a kiss that comes from love Yet we often damn it as "this fucking rain" Or snow descending can resemble the footprints of the angels Or gallop about like a wild crack Cossack cavalry Yet how many snows are "a son-of-a-bitch" to you and me?
It takes an anal retentive to do these things properly," says Hayman, who now helps other citizens appeal.
While Simon plays the anal retentive characters in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Nick plays the laidback fun-loving ones, and in real life they are the complete opposites.
When Bishop is captured during his rescue attempt in China, Muir is brought in - on the day he's due to retire - by his overly officious, anal retentive superiors (played to oily perfection by Larry Bryggman and just slightly over-the-top by Stephen Dillane) to provide Bishop's back story.