anal intercourse

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intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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001) sexual activities, but not anal intercourse (F(1, 57) = 3.
Four factors made dysplasia more likely: history of anal warts, frequent receptive anal intercourse, antibody to HIV, and immune dysfunction signaled by a low CD4/GD8 ratio.
The second sample consist of girls who are sexually active, defined broadly as those who have engaged in genital fondling, anal intercourse, and/or vaginal intercourse with a boy or man (N = 3,618, about 70% of the full sample).
Eligibility requirements for the study included a minimum age of 18 years, self-reported methamphetamine use at least twice in the previous two months and self-reported unprotected anal intercourse with a nonprimary male partner in the previous two months.
On average men reported using condoms more often when they were the receptive partner in anal intercourse ([bar.
For the purpose of this study, students were asked about their participation (yes or no) in the following sexual behaviors: 1) sexual intercourse ever, 2) sexual intercourse in the last month, 3) giving oral sex ever, 4) giving oral sex in the last month, 5) receiving oral sex ever, 6) receiving oral sex in the last month, 7) anal intercourse ever, and 8) anal intercourse in the last month.
Three patients had received a diagnosis of STI in the previous 6 months, but only 1 patient acknowledged having unprotected anal intercourse.
But researchers are reporting that the incidence of anal intercourse in Africa is much higher in both males and females (4) some of whom use it as a form of birth control.
It can also occur in women who engage in receptive rectal intercourse," and should be part of the differential diagnosis in anyone who engages in receptive anal intercourse and presents with a bloody discharge or pain around the rectal area.
In the six months prior to the survey, blacks had had insertive or receptive anal intercourse with a greater number of partners than had white men (mean, 5.
Questions on sexual practices and particularly anal intercourse can sometimes be embarrassing to both patient and physician.
However, circumcision was associated with a significant reduction in HIV incidence among the one-third of participants who reported a preference for the insertive role in anal intercourse (hazard ratio 0.
Only 36 percent of MSM sex workers surveyed in Mombasa used condoms consistently with male clients, and 35 percent did not know that HIV could be transmitted during anal intercourse.
In those aged 20 to 24, about 90% have had vaginal sex, more than 80% have tried oral sex, and about 30% have tried anal intercourse.
His key argument is that Arab-Ottoman society in the early-modern period distinguished between carnal love, especially involving anal intercourse, and passionate yet chaste love.