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a game whose object is to form words from a group of randomly chosen letters

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Walking anagram Divock Origi (Belgian for 'the original div') is expected to arrive in January instead of the summer.
An anagram is a word formed by rearranging the letters of another word.
Between unfolding anagrams, ancient cities, nonsense, language, and the mysterious, Barham's art seems intentionally open to the possibility of vagueness in the sense that the mathematician Friedrich Waismann touched on in his description of the notion of the "open textured concept" (later applied by Morris Weitz to art).
Lassiter said that incontrast to Dijksterhuis's experiment, students made better choices when they spent time thinking, rather than solving anagrams.
Anagrams are made by rearranging the letters of a word or phrase into another word or phrase.
This must have helped with my spelling and understanding of words and I certainly became a whiz at anagrams.
Complete words or phrases, solve anagrams or find that elusive name or fact
Taking liberties with rhymes, anagrams, puns, palindromes, free-verse, stream-of-consciousness, and other techniques, each work has a different natural rhythm, and all leave a vibrant imprint on the senses.
Students who first spent 4 minutes completing the distracting task of solving anagrams usually chose the best cars and felt satisfied with the decision.
For the logic quiz, the students completed a written test that asked them to solve math, picture and word-logic problems, anagrams and puzzles.
Here WET YAK ZIT (or KATY WEITZ) brings you a selection of the best, worst, funniest and silliest anagrams around.
Slightly crueller - but we like 'em all the same - are the anagrams of the Wales Office ministers where the Welsh Secretary becomes Inept Hear.
series would generate more laughs but for Busch's inspired posing as a lady detective with an ear for anagrams and an eye for the fellas.
Her perceptiveness about visual as well as auditory puns and anagrams, for example sometimes involving French and Latin as well as English - is remarkable; it is also in keeping with poetic practice in a period where such ingenuity was much prized.