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related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram

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Below are sixty examples of unintentional anagrammatic tweets.
A Mown Lawn" advocates for a resistance to conformity, a refusal to play by the rules of the game, not only in its semantic content, but also in its form: the anagrammatic play foregrounds the arbitrary connections between word and meaning, signifier and signified.
14) It is tempting to speculate that very name Felise may have attracted Swinburne's attention for its anagrammatic potential, permutations of the name being self, feel, life, lies, and flies, words whose semantic value sets them firmly within the poem's purview.
The two most popular renditions of the day were a choral offering by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians and an operatic treatment by the baritone who referred to himself by the almost anagrammatic pseudonym Merrill Miller.
The anagrammatic disguise in Jules Pascin's namehe began life in Bulgaria as Julius Pincaspretty much tells the whole story of how the Jews went native in Paris.
Writing this anagrammatic poem was laborious, as it took many hours to "extract" all the words that exist within the word "fracking" and to look up the words (and what I would later realize were non-words) for which I didn't know the definition.
Rehm's anagrammatic process is premised on consequence: it's not so much that there is a lever in reveal if you can find it.
Here, the anagrammatic play of words is made blatant, while the phrase "mar of mar" works as a kind of double negative, leading, in the way of double negatives, to an ambivalent affirmation ("I do not not love you
But 1) "Our Boggling Constitution" is a really smashing title, much better than "Our Anagrammatic Constitution," and I'm not going to let anything stand in the way of using it, and 2) if Amar can bury the problems with his approach, I can do the same with mine.
First, it links Cote's novel to the canon of science-fiction literature with its implied reference to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics (Asimov), a reference made clearer through the anagrammatic name of the robots' coach, "Saac Amisov" (47).
Lines 2 to 6: stutters, repetitions and anagrammatic transformations of the most common letters of line 1, to the point of nonsense; then the last two lines are anagrams of rare letters inline 1 (those left over), giving two or four or five words (extant words).
The only downside was his smart-arsed anagrammatic titling of movements in his fetching Living Toys, already a BCMG showcase both live and on CD - and perhaps the Wagner references as the end approached might have been mentioned in the programme-notes.
In "Mystique," palindromic and anagrammatic letter patterns correspond to other structures and imagery in the poem, suggesting that their presence is not merely accidental.
Fernand Hallyn brings important nuances to Tabourot's and Du Verdier's famous statement that Dorat was the first to introduce the anagram in Renaissance France, arguing that his innovation was more precisely a transformation of the anagrammatic form into a full-fledged hermeneutic tool and poetic genre.
Its anagrammatic flirtation with its rhyming word "Flicker-lit" suggests the generation's journey, pre-historic or even beyond time, retains history--"blasted weeping rockwalls"--as its reflecting tain.