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Synonyms for anagram

a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase

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read letters out of order to discover a hidden meaning

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One thing you can count on, though, is that that trick will never work: the pieces never make the loop in the order of the anagram clue.
I felt he might have mixed a few different types of rounds than just the one anagram.
Last night, as the Daily Record broke the news of the outrageous in-joke to Park, he admitted: "I knew about Nirab being an anagram of my name because the plot was set up before I left the Street, but the painting is a surprise.
Anagram was founded in 1977 by Garry Kieves and other members of the Kieves family and is based in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
CORRIE star Michael Le Vell has created a Facebook page under the alias Mancini Teon - an anagram of "I am innocent".
Dali's La Maxima Velocidad de la Madonna de Rafael (Raphael's Madonna at maximum speed), 1954, corresponds, in interstellar space, with Matthew Ritchie's Abraxas, 2000, just as Dali's character as expressed in Andre Breton's anagram of the Spaniard's name, "Avida Dollars," finds its contemporary reflection in Herz mit Geld (Heart with money), 1998-99, by Katharina Fritsch, an immense, shining silver heart on a floor spread with coins as with stars, or in Barbara Kruger's now familiar statement: "I shop therefore I am," 1987.
Amscan") announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire metallic balloon manufacturer and distributor Anagram International, Inc.
uk/business Business The Gazette TOMORROW MY RISE ANAGRAM CROSSWORD These clues are all anagrams of the answers you need to fit into the grid, so you have some unscrambling to do before you start fitting them in.
The Anagram Sudoku is a new type of word puzzle that I invented recently.
How appropriate then that prevaricate is an anagram of Patrice Evra.
ICICI) following the announcement by ICICI of its intention to acquire the unrated vehicle financier Anagram Finance Ltd.
THREE THOUSAND lzjuu lzGMKsfy: while no anagram is possible this one is notable for having G.
McMahon was most recently the Chief Operating Officer at Anagram International, Inc.
Maxis subscribers can now enjoy all-time favorite games like Hangman and Anagram on this new SIM card, regardless of their handset type.
Put them together and you have an anagram for KICKSHAWS.