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a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated

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In May the trust had predicted that it would take six months to resume a full service - offering Caesarean sections, epidurals and inductions - but have now appointed a full-time anaesthetist who will start work at the end of September and a part-time one who will start work from September 1.
Yesterday, as Debra's devastated family tried to come to terms with the tragedy, a hospital insider told the Record: "It appears the trainee anaesthetist put the tube into her oesophagus instead of her windpipe and she was basically choking to death.
This publication is free of charge for all fellows and non-fellows of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and is available from the Royal College of Anaesthetists' website (www.
The New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA) supports the concept of NPs, but does have serious concerns about their gazetted scope of practice, as it appears to be almost identical to that of a medical practitioner.
Here in Wales, having that baby is a very big thing, so big a thing, that you have very many people looking after you: your family GP, your very own midwife in the community, your hospital midwife, your obstetrician and, of course, your anaesthetist.
The anaesthetist as well as the surgeon is likely to face legal action.
The 55-year-old, who lived in South Gosforth, said: "I had always aspired for career progression and that is what made me come to the UK when I was already an established consultant cardiac anaesthetist.
This book aims to provide information for specialist exams and an update of current knowledge for consultant anaesthetists.
Emile was in private practice in Knysna for much of his short career and exemplified the traits of an excellent anaesthetist.
Dr George Doodnaught, 61, an anaesthetist since 1981, was sacked from the hospital in February when the police investigation began.
IF an anaesthetist had been present when Dylan Russell's mother was in labour, he would almost certainly have lived.
Both complained of feeling pain and hearing the chatter of theatre staff after errors by an anaesthetist.
Anaesthetists are qualified medical doctors who put people to sleep before surgery.
In 1998 a woman told me, 'The anaesthetist said that unless I gave him enough money before the operation, he would not wake me up afterwards.
But the hospital denied it was compromising patient safety and said it planned to allow only one general anaesthetist, with previous experience in cardiac theatres, to work in the heart unit.