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a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated

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Adam Bennett was undergoing routine urology surgery at Russells Hall Hospital in April 2015 when he was left unattended by the anaesthetist for two minutes.
56 Third paediatric cardiac arrest call placed at the same time as anaesthetist consultant returns bleep to registrar and alerts her there has been a crash call.
Anaesthetist Richard Field, 49, and Lina Bolanos, 38, were found dead in the apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday night.
Intubation is a term used by anaesthetists for passing a breathing tube into the windpipe to allow the delivery of anaesthetic gasses and enough oxygen to a patient during a surgical operation.
Pakistan, with a population of 192 million, has only 1,163 qualified anaesthetists (anaesthetist-to-population ratio is 1:160,000).
It was the second time the Bahraini expert testified against two medics, an anaesthetist and a trainee, implicated in the death of Fatima Ali Hassan which happened on the operating table at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).
In the recovery room, the patient's condition should be monitored by the nursing staff under the general supervision of the anaesthetist until the patient has recovered from the effects of the anaesthetic.
The college welcomed the opportunity to present the revised registered nurse assistant to the anaesthetist knowledge and skills framework, which incorporates the recommendations of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists on the anaesthetist assistant role.
Anaesthetist Laura McClelland, from Cardiff, has helped to make an animated film
At the Annual General Meeting of PNCNZNO on October 18, 2014, members unanimously voted and approved the Knowledge & Skills Framework for the Registered Nurse Assistant to the Anaesthetist (RNAA) which describes the standards required by Registered Nurses working in the field of Nurse Assistant to the Anaesthetist.
An anaesthetist in New Zealand faces severe criticism from the medical fraternity after he refused to give more pain relief to a pregnant woman undergoing caesarean, and instead asked the surgeon to continue with the operation while the woman screamed in pain.
HYDERABAD -- The management of Sindh Public Service Commission Hyderabad Wednesday recommended the names of those successful candidates to Sindh Government who were found fit for the posts of Anaesthetist (BPS-18) in Sindh Health Department.
Dr Kalaivani Rajan has worked as a consultant cardiac anaesthetist at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital for almost six years.
For the practising consultant anaesthetist who is not a full-time paediatric anaesthetist, the book serves as a useful update and 'how to' guide.
However, there has been a drive in my employing trust to allow the recovery practitioners to extubate in recovery, without the anaesthetist present.