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no deaths from anaphylaxis, malignant hyperthermia or other anaesthetic agent toxicity.
uk) has registered many drugs for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and America including another anaesthetic agent and is aware of the ways that such drugs are used safely in hospitals; his warning should be well heeded and respected.
Patients with non-acute porphyria are not at risk from drugs or anaesthetic agents and do not require any special precautions in relation to dental treatment.
heart failure, will reduce the metabolism of these drugs and predispose the patient to local anaesthetic agent systemic toxicity.
Alternatively, the differences in seizure duration may be related to differences in anaesthetic depth, rather than differences in anaesthetic agent.
With the absence of movement on incision it was safe to assume that the patient was not aware, however with the use of muscle relaxants it became necessary to be certain that the administered concentration of anaesthetic agent was adequate to prevent awareness.
The UK Patent Office has granted Wrexham-based Maelor its first patent relating to the solubilising technology used by the company in its micelle formulation for intravenous anaesthetic agent propofol.
Ketamine has been a less preferred anaesthetic agent because of concerns about the risk of excessive cardiovascular system response, elevated intracranial pressure and untoward psychological reactions (2).
Managing director Richard Drury said he was encouraged by the progress of a revolutionary drug delivery system which uses a water-based polymer as a carrier and its application to the company's formulation of the anaesthetic agent Propofol.
Methohexitone, initially proposed by the American Psychiatric Association as the anaesthetic agent of choice for induction of anaesthesia in patients undergoing ECT (6), is no longer available in Malaysia and many parts of the world.
We describe its use as a sole anaesthetic agent in the mesh repair of a paraumbilical hernia in an elderly patient with significant co-morbidities.
Nonetheless, apart from what has already been said, its other serious disadvantage is that such a gestalt action on all cells has to be deemed unlikely, in view of the selectivity of anaesthetic action and the subtle differences in pharmacodynamic profiles from anaesthetic agent to agent.
The recovery time intervals in minutes (time from stopping the anaesthetic agent to eye-opening, toe movement and extubation) were significantly shorter in the sevoflurane group (Table 4).
Desflurane was known to have general anaesthetic properties, in particular, to have low blood solubility, an important criteria in the search for an ideal anaesthetic agent.