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We should not aim to train medical students to achieve competence in anaesthesia sufficient for clinical duties.
The Indian Supreme Court will soon decide whether or not anaesthesia is necessary for all electroconvulsive therapy in mentally ill patients.
In the UK, several million people undergo surgery with general anesthesia each year, which makes consciousness and anesthesia a topic that is important to both the medical community and the lay public," said Professor Brian Pollard, President of the Anaesthesia Section of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Local anaesthesia for fibreoptic bronchoscopy: Transcricoid injection or the "spray as you go" technique?
Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts (AAM) today announced that the practice will be highlighted on an upcoming edition of "Inside Health," a national program created by Broadcast News Channel and hosted by Peggy Fleming that features healthcare organizations that are setting the precedent for patient care.
The findings of the B-AWARE and SAFE-2 trials are consistent and significant in that, for the first time, we have scientific evidence that use of BIS technology can help us ensure that our patients don't wake up while under anesthesia," stated Paul Myles, MD, lead researcher on the B-AWARE trial and Head of Research, Department of Anaesthesia & Pain Management, Alfred Hospital.
Aneo AB of Marsta, Sweden, develops and markets intravenous anaesthesia equipment; general anaesthetic equipment for intravenous administration during surgery.