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an organism (especially a bacterium) that does not require air or free oxygen to live

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Barlaz credibly and persuasively testified that[ECM's] testing constitutes competent and reliable scientific evidence demonstrating that plastics manufactured with the ECM Additive are anaerobically biodegradable.
After this, such anaerobically treated effluent was treated in a bioreactor in presence of a fungal and bacterial strain separately.
Findings suggest that muscle cells use carbohydrates anaerobically for energy, producing lactate as a byproduct, but then burning it, too, as an additional fuel source.
I aerobically run to the bus stop, anaerobically carry 10kg of shopping strapped to my back off the bus and to my front door.
In this method, for the first year following application, the State EPA guidelines recommend using mineralisation rates of 15% of the organic N from anaerobically digested biosolids (ANDB) and 25% of the organic N from aerobically digested biosolids (ADB) (EPA Victoria 2004).
If this figure is used as a basis for the cellulosic ethanol process, then the biogas produced by anaerobically digesting the stillage can be used to compensate about 30% of the energy input in the conversion process.
Stored faecal samples were subsequently thawed, subjected to alcohol-shock treatment (9), cultured onto Cycloserine, Cefoxitin, Fructose (CCF) Agar (Fort Richard Laboratories, Auckland), and incubated anaerobically at 36[degrees]C ([+ or -] 1[degrees]C) for 48 hours ([+ or -] 4 hours).
Manure collected from 11,000 dairy cows is anaerobically digested to produce a biogas composed of roughly 60% methane.
Heavier hydrocarbons--such as an occasional diesel fuel drip--are degraded anaerobically.
Facultative bacteria produce ATP via aerobic respiration when oxygen is available, but are capable of switching to fermentation to create ATP anaerobically.
Cultures were incubated anaerobically at 37[degrees]C.
A 1:10 (w/v) dilution of the sample was prepared anaerobically in 0.
Clarifoil films are anaerobically digestible (AD) (a method of advanced composting allowing the production of methane for energy recovery), in line with the waste route for the large majority of the food packaging to be specified for use at London 2012.
We are looking at very similar interactions to those we find in tea - between polyphenol-like molecules and SAM-radical proteins, which are primarily found in bacteria that can live anaerobically (without oxygen).
Oxygen-hating microbes live deep in your gut, where they break down food anaerobically (without oxygen).