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large arboreal boa of tropical South America

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Took out a weapons cache while also escorting a convoy out of that area in that very congested space of Operation Anaconda.
The first victim, Filipino truck driver Rodrigo Reyes, 53, was killed April 30 in a roadside ambush after delivering military supplies to Camp Anaconda.
I don't think we'll get them in a formation, like we did in Anaconda,' said the official.
Results from correlations with five metals found on the Anaconda site and tissue porphyrins suggest a positive correlation between lead and copper concentrations and increasing porphyrin concentrations in kidneys.
She broke the news to the producers of Anaconda 2 that she could not fulfill her role because of her condition.
The two Cole 43s in the race, Anaconda and Jeffrey Otters Ruffian II, relished the three day slow slog into the 30-55 knot southerly headwinds, swapping the handicap lead through the race.
The foundation mounts nature exhibits at the airport in San Fernando de Apure, is pushing for creation of a 20,000-hectare forest reserve and is keeping a census of local ospreys and anacondas.
A large anaconda is indeed a striking creature to behold.
The Anaconda Copper Company used patenting to remove the Berkeley Pit from public oversight.
of White Plains has been appointed exclusive marketing agent for 1 River Street, Hastings, New York, the former Anaconda plant.
Labor income declined in 1979-82 when base staffing also declined; but the Anaconda smelter closed during that period too.
Patriot's Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway ("BAP") earned the ASLRRA's Jake Award with Distinction for the second year in a row.
In his job as documentarist, Rosolie had gone with poachers to film the illegal trade in endangered species, including the anaconda, which could grow up to 6.
Ascent Solar Technologies Inc of Thornton, CO, USA, which makes lightweight, flexible copper indium gallium diselenide thin-film photovoltaic modules that it integrates into its EnerPlex series of consumer products, launched its consumer products in 25 of Anaconda s Adventure Superstores throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific area.
The rules would also apply to reticulated python, green anaconda, Beni anaconda and DeSchauensee's anaconda.