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Synonyms for anachronism

something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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an artifact that belongs to another time

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a person who seems to be displaced in time

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Bill Adams, secretary of the anachronistically named Stable Lads' Association, from which various stable staff have said they never hear, appears to resent the suggestion that the SLA is essentially a toothless `union' because it's renounced the right to strike.
Fact that life has too long stood still for elderly hausfrau Carmita (Etty Fraser) and lone grown child Durval (Ary Franca) is made clear by the business they own--a record store anachronistically devoted to vinyl.
And when he considers the professions of belief in terrestrial immobility, he appreciates both their sincerity around 1650 (many historians, anachronistically, do not) and their hollowness fifty years later.
Kemeny uses the term "fundamentalist" loosely and anachronistically (4, and chap.
The stark opposition between gnostic "heresy" and "orthodoxy" in the Great Church has been anachronistically projected onto the earlier period, when, as in the New Testament writings, the opposed perspectives seem to co-exist in embryonic form.
Richter argues convincingly that recent discussions of medieval literacy have been framed anachronistically and have thus been skewed in interpretation.
The settlers, too, he sees in a fresh light as both anachronistically resenting the governors as instruments of a remote and hostile authority and, equally anachronistically, expecting them to be Platonic guardians, ruling in a powerful but benevolently paternalistic manner.
Take The Tourists (all works 2007), which anachronistically poses two grinning, sunglasses-wearing Helens, presumably spending a nice day in Sparta hunting for fashionable accoutrements.
Although Welti makes his case in a German that is fashionably and liberally sprinkled with Anglicisms, his core terminology is anachronistically old-fashioned.
Rivera bestows many wonderfully, anachronistically base jokes on a court jester, Clarin (David Greenspan), who switches his opinions faster than a politician in primary season.
The idea is not merely to provide incentive and a career structure in a profession that still struggles anachronistically under obscure Nightingalean ideological baggage, but to increase self-esteem in a group whose members have for too long been seen as the handmaidens of senior doctors and the harem of junior ones.
He anachronistically reads the post-70 figure of "rabbi," tel quel, into the time of Jesus.
On two points he anachronistically jumps thirty years.
Thus, Cyprien Gaillard showed several works emblematic of this disturbed temporality: "Belief in the Age of Disbelief," 2005, a group of seventeenth-century engravings into which he has anachronistically inserted modern buildings; "Geographical Analogies," 2006, a series of Polaroid landscapes assembled by formal analogy; and the video The Smithsons, 2005, in which, to the accompaniment of a song by the Smiths, one sees views (shot from upper Manhattan) of New Jersey, whose architectural ruin was announced by Robert Smithson.
Ellis' anachronistically coiffed and gelled Prez (an attempt to corral the West End greasers now that "Grease" has closed?