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estimated the use of 24 gallons diesel fuel for their excavators and an unknown quantity of fuel for transportation of debris, equipment and laborers.
Just moved from the Federal Reserve Board to chair the Council of Economic Advisers, Ben Bernanke is an unknown quantity to his new colleagues.
They know what they can do, but they are an unknown quantity to others.
DESPITE SOME RECENT, heartening development--stateside distribution for two Tsai Ming-liang movies (Vive I'amour [1994] and The Hole [1998]) and Winstar's acquisition of an assortment of Hou Hsiao-hisens (including The Puppetmaster [1993] and Flowers of Shanghai [19981])--Taiwanese cinema is still an unknown quantity in America.
n Verdict: Miss Waters says: "They are an unknown quantity.
The suspects then fled with an unknown quantity of jewellery and cash.
A new CEO means that everyone in the organization, with the exception of executive secretaries, is in the same position as any new hire: an unknown quantity who has to prove he or she can and will do what the CEO wants, the way the CEO wants it done.
There is an unknown quantity of shotguns which could present a serious safety hazard if subjected to high or excessive gas pressure.
For years, cosmologists have debated whether the amount of mass in the universe -- still an unknown quantity -- is more likely to favor the first scenario or the second.
One limitation of putting fluff back into an extruder with conventional in-line recylcing systems is that the fluff is an unknown quantity and cannot be calculated precisely.
Historical grades apparently averaged 500-600g/t silver with an unknown quantity of trace gold, with some local values of up to 2500g/t silver and as much as 3g/t gold reported.
Cork are one of those teams that are under the radar at the moment, we're not hearing much about them but I think they're a bit of an unknown quantity given their young team probably did better than expected in 2013.
An unknown quantity of the Class B drug was seized from the property, but last night police could not confirm how much.
Paul Hays, 48, Duddan Place, Gateshead Pleaded guilty to stealing gas valued at pounds 1,300 and an unknown quantity of electricity from npower in Gateshead.
We've had a report, but they're still a bit of an unknown quantity.