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progressive wasting of muscle tissues

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KEY WORDS: abalone amyotrophia, Japanese abalone (Haliotis discus discus), microsatellite, parentage analysis, resistance
Recently, virus particles from juvenile abalone affected with amyotrophia was isolated (Otsu & Sasaki 1997, Nakatsugawa et al.
The objective of this study is to ascertain the ability to discriminate experimental families using the developed microsatellite DNA markers and to evaluate the survival performance of the selected families resistant to abalone amyotrophia, after the spontaneous occurrence of mass mortality caused by abalone amyotrophia in the abalone hatchery.
Of the six parents used, 3 parents (SD#1, SD#2, and SS#1) were the offspring from two families that had a remarkably higher survival rate than other four families among the six experimental families during an outbreak of abalone amyotrophia at Mie prefectural fish farming center in 1995 (Okada et al.
To investigate the survival of abalone juveniles of the six mixed families during a spontaneous occurrence of mass mortality caused by abalone amyotrophia, 49,500 juveniles from 6-15 mm in shell length were subsequently reared from April to September 2000 in the experimental 10-ton tank of the Misaki hatchery, where mass mortality due to abalone amyotrophia has continuously occurred for several years.
A virus isolated from juvenile Japanese black abalone, Nordotis discus discus affected with amyotrophia.
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