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conversion of starch to sugar

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Thus, the fiber matrix of cell walls is a primary hindrance to starch digestion since amylase must penetrate the cell wall prior to amylolysis.
The hot porridge is transferred from the cooking pot to another pot in which fermentation and amylolysis will take place.
The lowered metabolic responses in the presence of high-amylose starch could be associated with a lowered rate of amylolysis and this may be due to the increased time of gastrointestinal transit after ingestion of high-amylose (Goddardet al.
The amylolysis pattern of the studied noodles resembles that shown by freshly prepared tortillas from commercial dough and commercial dry dough flour, which were shown to reach a maximal hydrolysis level during the first 15min of reaction and remained constant thereafter (Bello-Perez et al.