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a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues

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It appears from this table that certain individual differences exist regarding the disposition to amyloid degeneration when less than sixty injections are given.
The leukocytosis, however, showed no relation to the onset or development of the amyloid degeneration.
The experiments of Domagk, who produced amyloidosis in mice by injecting intravenously large amounts of living or dead bacteria, also seem to indicate some relation between amyloid degeneration and allergic reactions.
A reliable and relatively simple method to produce amyloid degeneration will undoubtedly stimulate and aid new investigations of this problem, for all explanations brought forward up to the present time are of merely theoretical interest, and none of them is entirely satisfactory.
No characteristic changes of the blood seem to precede or accompany the amyloid degeneration.
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