amyl nitrate

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a vasodilator that is sometimes used to treat angina pectoris

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919, in Manhattan was charged with possession of Ketamine and GHB with intent to distribute, possession of crystal methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, possession of amyl nitrate and driving under the influence of drugs.
Hicks, who is on the sex offenders register for 10 years and was on a twoyear licence at the time of his arrest, was searched and found to be carrying a can of amyl nitrate, also known as poppers, and a can of beer, Claiming to be gay, Hicks said he planned to use the drug as a sexual stimulant in a gay bar.
Nearby, a silver sheet attached flat to a gallery wall showed a drippy smear of amyl nitrate, recalling an earlier piece titled Young Offender, 2004.
The year 11 students - aged 15 and 16 - complained of headaches after a bottle of liquid amyl nitrate was opened and spilled during a lesson.
Nearly three decades ago, as featured in The Advocate's first cover story on drug abuse, it was amyl nitrate, or "poppers.
According to the survey, carried out by the National Centre for Social Research, the most common experiences were of solvent abuse, smoking cannabis and sniffing amyl nitrate, known as poppers.
They travelled on a rogue coach, not approved by the club, which was searched by police in Manchester and weapons were found including craft knives, blades taped to pens, CS gas, amyl nitrate, metal bars, copper cable and thunder flashes.
During an encounter that took place before the movie begins, Verger, under the influence of amyl nitrate, had been convinced by Lecter to cut off his face and feed it to the dogs.
At one VA location, the entire drug supply of amyl nitrate, an inhaled drug used as an antidote for cyanide poisoning, had expired dates," according to the GAO.
The bottles would be classed as illegal if they were found to include amyl nitrate - now banned from public sale.
The theme of natural defiance and consequent punishment is one thing as a metaphor, but it's something else again when you use it against an ordinary guy in Topeka who got it into his head that he could live his life authentically and not have to pretend he was attracted to women, but who wouldn't know amyl nitrate from Emile Zola.
Remembering a party they went to Hollywood she revealed: "I was sitting next to him in the living room when a handful of yellow capsules - most likely amyl nitrate, commonly known as poppers - was offered up by one of the guests.
The court heard the presenter's body was found next to a canister of ethyl chloride - a volatile compound with effects similar to amyl nitrate.
Stallard is also accused of using the offer of vodka to lure a younger man to his house, before applying a cloth doused in amyl nitrate to his face and raping him.
AG, AMP and RS appear in Web3, EP (hip) and IX in EDD, and OZ, drugs slang for amyl nitrate, in CDS.