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Synonyms for amygdaloid

volcanic rock in which rounded cavities formed by expanding gas have subsequently become filled with mineral deposits

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shaped like an almond

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Effects of acute treatment and long-term treatment with MK-801 against amygdaloid kindled seizures in rats.
They are large osteoderms with an amygdaloid outline, one or more visceral keels and two well differentiated regions: a round end (the bulb), and a more elongated and irregularly ornamented region (the root).
The magnitude of advantage for emotional as opposed to neutral stimuli does not alter with normal senescence (the moderate amygdaloid atrophy that occurs with normal senescence is not enough to interrupt the emotional-memory enhancement effect).
Bassi GS, de Carvalho MC, Brandao ML (2014) Effects of substance P and Sar-Met-SP, a NK1 agonist, in distinct amygdaloid nuclei on anxiety-like behavior in rats.
Because the shorter amygdaloid pathway transmits signals more than twice as fast as the neocortex route, the thinking brain often cannot intervene in time to stop emotional responses.
2011) Unique inhibitory synapse with particularly rich endocannabinoid signaling machinery on pyramidal neurons in basal amygdaloid nucleus.
15) It has been reported that lesions in the amygdaloid complex reduce opioid-induced analgesia.
11-12] In 2000 Yoshimoto and colleagues [13] reported a doserelated elevation of extracellular DA levels in the amygdala after intraperitoneal injection of ethanol and a delayed elevation of DA after ethanol injection in the central amygdaloid nucleus via a microdialysis membrane.
Most important are the hypothalamus, amygdaloid complex and midbrain.
The basomedial and basolateral amygdaloid nuclei contribute to the induction of long-term potentiation in the dentate gyrus in vivo.
26] Sah P, Faber ES, Lopez De Armentia M, power J "The amygdaloid complex: anatomy and physiology".
Together with the type de SaintAcheul, namely "these kind of haches in flint, of amygdaloid shape, more or less oval, more or less elongated, to which the workers of the Somme have given the name of Langue de Chat (Cat's tonge)" were also found "points with a uniform face on one side and reshaped with care on the other side (.
An anterograde and retrograde tracttracing study on the projections from the thalamic gustatory area in the rat: distribution of neurons projecting to the insular cortex and amygdaloid complex.
Vitamin D nuclear binding to neurons of the septal, substnatal and amygdaloid area in the Siberian hamster (Phodopus sungorus) brain.