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Synonyms for amusingly

in an entertaining and amusing manner


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Ogg's--chatted amusingly over his port-wine, did a little amateur farming, and had certainly been an excellent husband and father; at church, when he went there, he sat under the handsomest of mural monuments erected to the memory of his wife.
And he's a match for this amusingly flip material, delivered in unrelentingly frenzied fashion.
John Arnold and Maria Valdez as Figaro and Susanna played amusingly together through their many misunderstandings, while convincingly singing their complex parts.
While the film is full of silences, and it takes a while for things to get going, Blackthorn is never a bore, with the camera drinking in some stunning landscapes and Noriega being an amusingly irascible companion.
A FEW other thoughts from the ITV Wales poll last week (the type of polls which politicians will amusingly say publicly they don't pay any attention to).
But amusingly, Shannon will have to translate his words into English afterwards.
So says a leaked BBC report called the Knowledge Commissioning Graded Talent List, amusingly divided into "Top tier highly valued", "Midrange average appeal", "On the way up" and "Occasional sparkle, but limited appeal".
While pal David Baddiel more amusingly calls him "fat" and adds: "I think he will definitely be dead in 15 years time - he overeats and overdrinks.
Tel: (0191) 230- 4474 Since they formed in 2004, the amusingly named group have been bringing a sense of fun to the Newcastle music scene.
Occasionally, a song garners her a booty call from God; often, they serve only to kill time, albeit amusingly.
Maybe," he writes amusingly, "the hatred for God atheists feel is proof of God's existence
But fast forward in time and you get to Silicon Valley--which he amusingly calls "The Hollywood of Technology"--to say nothing of the hardware and developments that are coming out of India and China.
The texts, which vary in format to match the object concerned, are somewhat variable in content too; that on DYMO tape, for example, has big ideas and is amusingly printed in the form of letters printed with a DYMO machine, but tells you nothing about the designer or manufacturer.
The Irish-born artist, who was raised in England, relies on deceptively simple compositions based on iterations of horizontal and vertical blocks of heavily layered color, a style he amusingly labels "Druid Minimalism," and for much of his career he has veered toward an abstraction reminiscent of, among others, Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman.
Amusingly, it reminds one of Soviet-style high school textbooks, written from a position of indisputable authority.