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Synonyms for amusing

Synonyms for amusing

providing pleasure or entertainment

Synonyms for amusing

providing enjoyment

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arousing or provoking laughter

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I assume his lead-in comments, in which he accused the board examination of being "esoteric" and clinically irrelevant, were meant to be amusing as well.
In the second act, called "Cline Time," set to seven wailin'-and-dreamin' songs by Patsy Cline, the choreography incorporates country folk forms, and the results are amusing and decidedly tender.
In every chapter, certainly, many selections are richly provocative of laughter by their piercing insight and exposure of all sorts of moral and emotional discrepancies, by their witty expression and plays on language, and by their irony, which is not less amusing for being biting, satiric, or even sardonic.
An amusing aspect of the novel is Sam's insertion of our contemporary political attitudes into a time more than 100 years ago.
In chapter one, after enumerating a thorough and thoroughly amusing list of "at least ten" controversies surrounding the Sonnets (26), Keevak considers the late eighteenth-century forgeries of William Henry Ireland in the context of a culture attempting to "recover" an "authentic" Shakespeare and troubled by the "evidence" that the Sonnets produce (27).
No we don't do that any more, " replied Mr Brim, 42, who later said he found the remark amusing.
Both Schuyler's and Thurman's novels are grim, cynical satires that evoke few laughs, although one of Thurman's characters does an amusing if blasphemous parody of a traditional black prayer: "Beloved, we join hands here to pray for gin.
An enormous mobile, an amusing and anxiety-producing machine, L'Araignee (The spider), 2001, dominated the space around it, forcing spectators to watch its passage as it pushed ahead in a way that was both lithesome and despotic.
Even rehashed themes come alive when punctuated with amusing incidents and clever phrasing, as noted below.
Rather, like Jimmy Stewart's wheelchair-bound photographer in Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 classic Rear Window, they are ordinary folks spying on others for the sheer entertainment value of it all, neighbors peeking over their electronic fences or through Internet curtains in hopes of catching a glance of something amusing, embarrassing, or even salacious, but certainly private.
Then again, we also found jumping up and down on the bed for hours to be ceaselessly amusing at that age too, so go figure.
Other amusing signs we liked this week include: At a zoo in South Africa: "Those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them," seen by Rachel Smith from South London, and a tanning salon in Gravesend, Essex, called: "Tanfastic," which was spotted by John Loughlin, who lives in the town.
This large picture-story book embarks on a boldly illustrated and amusing variation on the traditional 'Billy Goats' tale.
There was nothing amusing about the children who went without the school milk Thatcher stopped.