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Synonyms for amusing

Synonyms for amusing

providing pleasure or entertainment

Synonyms for amusing

providing enjoyment

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arousing or provoking laughter

References in classic literature ?
She liked Philip because he laughed with her at all the amusing things in life that caught her fancy, and above all she liked him because he was he.
His approaching departure did not prevent his amusing himself, but rather gave zest to his pleasures.
Rook was as eager as ever to show her dear young lady what an amusing companion she could be.
amusing clowning from Ian Marchant and circus skills from Vinny, who taught Merthyr's children many a new trick.
Jeff Richman, Green-Wood's historian, said, "From his Coney Island workshop, William Mangels was in the business of amusing the masses.
Other amusing signs we liked this week include: At a zoo in South Africa: "Those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them," seen by Rachel Smith from South London, and a tanning salon in Gravesend, Essex, called: "Tanfastic," which was spotted by John Loughlin, who lives in the town.
The organization said that the clip was grossly insensitive to the feelings of elderly Holocaust survivors, but others found the clips to be amusing and not offensive at all.
That's why it's amusing to note that even oh-so-cool Angelenos aren't immune to acute Obamamania.
From giving oneself permission to be happy now, rather than wait for self--imposed conditions to trigger happiness ("I'll be happy when I'm married," or "I'll be happy when I get promoted"), to the importance of learning to lighten up and enjoy the gift of humor, "The Happiness Solution" offers valuable insight in the amusing form of parables.
There's something about watching a bunch of kids turn into savages, possibly willing to kill their own grandmothers just for a free board, that I find amusing.
but Ricky Gervais seems to be having trouble amusing his missus.
Award winning author and illustrator duo Hazel Hutchins and Ruth Ohi present The Sidewalk Rescue, an amusing picturebook about sidewalk chalk drawings, adventurous and imaginative tales.
His dancers portrayed characters with distinct personalities, which were convincing, amusing, and emotive in theatrical as well as dance terms.
I found it even more amusing, and again ironic, that the editors misspelled the section of the letters to the editor: "Briefy: How not to write one.