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Synonyms for amuse

Synonyms for amuse

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for amuse

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion

Related Words

make (somebody) laugh

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To find out more about Zieher's Amuse range and its other products, contact a member of the team at Zieher.
The combination of LieberLieber's AMUSE and Green Hills Software's industry-leading compilers and the MULTI IDE will provide these capabilities in a well-integrated package," explained Chris Tubbs, business development director EMEA, Green Hills Software.
So original yet so synchronized with local tastes, the women of Amuse have meticulously selected their merchandise.
Originally launched in 1990 as a video distrib, Amuse got into theatrical distribution in 1998.
AMUSE Entertainment Group BV is a leading provider of digital media solutions and services to the media, entertainment and advertising industries.
Electronics giant Toshiba recently acquired Amuse Pictures, only intensifying competition in the local presales market.
Amuse, along with Cine Quanon, brought the spy thriller to Japan, where it set a local box office record for a MIYASHITA Korean movie of 1.
Designed to amuse, educate and comfort, parents can use Perfect Petzzz as "starter pets.
The object is for each comedian to amuse his or her colleagues for as long as they can with the most imaginative details of the performance they can dream up and sustain.
The action, which takes place from noon to 5pm, will include a bouncy castle, face painting, car boot sale and a clown to amuse the children.
TOKYO Signaling its aspiration to become a mainstream distributor, Amuse Video has changed its moniker to Amuse Pictures and inked a deal to release "Chicken Run" and "The Road to El Dorado" in Japan.
Toshiba announced that it would acquire Amuse Pictures, Inc.
I make pictures to tell a story, to tell lies and to amuse.
It may amuse you Mother to try to Photograph during your solitude,'' she wrote.